Smiley face!

Hello again. I think I might try and do a post every day, at least in the holidays, but you can never be sure. :P

So this is my second post. I might as well do something technology-related, so let’s start off with faces! Or to clarify, emoticons: :) :( :P.

You know. The everyday stuff. What do we do when we’re happy and we know it, but we’re not sure how to show it (that was quite a bad pun, but you get my gist)? Or sad? Or we just really want to annoy someone? Or we want to show how creative we can be by using the keyboard to make unusual but highly realistic images ( ‘-‘ )? Sometimes the best reply to a text, or a nice way to round things off is just to use a :) or a :D if you’re really hysterical (my friend does this all the time).

Nowadays, we have emoticons for everything (just check this out, or if you want to be even more obscure). But of course, the humble smiley started it off.  It was first sent in an email with a dash for a nose, using only keyboard symbols (not this yellow piece of art: :)), by Scott Fahlman on 19th September 1982. It was meant as a bit of a joke, but quickly became viral.

But some people believe the emoticon may have been invented by someone else. In a script of an Abraham Lincoln speech, in 1862, a winking emoticon (i.e. ;) ) was found. No one can be sure if this was a typo or otherwise, but whatever it was that set off the emoticon craze, we can all be grateful we have two ways to write smiley face.

Joe, signing out for the second time.

P.S. What’s your favourite emoticon? (I’ve put Abraham Lincoln here, even though I’m not American, because he’s pretty cool).


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