Welcome Guys! ;) As I told you yesterday I need to start writing my revision notes. :/ I know. I don’t like writing as much as you do. I like typing. I laugh at the days when I didn’t know a mouse from a mouse, or a keyboard from a board with keys on. Normally I type my homework, unless it’s necessary to handwrite.

So common sense dictates that the brainwave should have come immediately, but alas I wasted fifteen minutes of my time writing on an A3 piece of paper before my mum told me I’d be better off writing on A4.

And then it came to me.

Could I type my notes?

Part of my science notes

So that’s my idea. How do you revise? Even better – do you use technology?



3 thoughts on “Revision!

  1. (I make me booklets of my notes. Painstaking efforts, but they look aesthetically pleasing) >.<
    Typing ROCKZ.

    • Booklets? You sound very creative when it comes to your notes. XD But I totally agree on typing.

      I have no idea where the zombies thing will lead, it might take a while to find anything and it’s 11:30. XD

      • Hehehe nah these are simple black and white text (oh but god I hate trying to make experiments on publisher with chemistry) stapled together. :)

        Fear not – I am willing to plough on through! Plus, I like it when I get the time to explore blogs further, ya know the feeling? I do it with quite a few blogs. Just grab a cup of tea, and have a relaxing read. It’s nice! :)

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