The Art Salesman!

Yesterday I had a bit of a mid-blog crisis, as you do. ;) So I’m sorry. I’ve finally decided that this will be a 50/50 sort of blog, so half of it’s about technology, and the other half is just my ramblings what comes to mind. But to the main article…

Yesterday, our house was visited by a door to door salesman.

I had been eating dinner, and the doorbell had rang. In our family, we have a sort of code. Generally neighbours/ salesmen/ tennis coaches only ring once, whereas relatives ring multiple times, at first out of impatience, but then out of habit and impatience. :)

We opened the door, to someone half-kneeling on the floor, with a large tube on his back and an A3 size folder.

No. This was not someone revising for exams. The folder did not contain his notes, the tube did not contain his bigger notes. He wasn’t kneeling because he was exhausted, or because he was depressed.

This was an art salesman.

He was Spanish but spoke good English, and was quite young, only around eighteen. He belonged to a group of people from around the world who’d come to London to paint. They would display there works in a gallery to be bought, but apparently the rates were too high, which was why they sold door-to-door.

All of the paintings were beautiful, but then whenever he mentioned money I winced inwardly, especially after he’d spoken to us for a long time. Most of them were around £100. We’re quite a stingy family, and although this was a good bargain for a painting… I wasn’t even sure we had enough money in the purse. Would we have to pay him by cheque? Did he have a bank account? After a while he had talked to us for so long about the paintings and their origins, that I felt obliged to say yes.

Eventually my dad surprised me, and we bought one, though my mum was slightly more reluctant. We chose a painting of the Eiffel Tower that was mainly black and white, but with occasional splodges of colour that made it seem contemporary.

For now it sits in a room, by itself, because we have no frame. Hopefully we’ll be motivated enough to buy one.


P.S. I quizzed my friend as to why he thought there was a blue coat in the background of this blog. You’ll get it eventually. Please, don’t spoil it for everyone in the comments! It’ll come to you one day in the shower or in , and it will be immensely satisfying, or really underwhelming, depending on how you look at life.


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