Thanks Guys!

I now have five followers! I would like to thank Opinionated Man, libbyisawkward, Aliyaaaa, juliansherman, and of course, myself. I’m not entirely sure why you subscribed, but thank you.

In particular I would like to thank my first follower, technophile9, who has supported this blog to fruition. (WordPress subscribed me to myself automatically, and I didn’t have the heart to unfollow. That makes me sound really sad).

Thank you.



4 thoughts on “Thanks Guys!

    • Thanks very much! Always room for improvement though. One of my friends said the exams post was too long, and took him ten minutes to read. The other said he didn’t bother because of it’s hefty 1600 word count. Preposterous right? ;)

      • Forgot to add. I replied to your previous comment on ‘Where do I start?’ but in my haste entered it as a new comment instead of pressing the reply button. At least, I think that’s what happened? *Confused face*. Just thought you might want to know. I also have great respect for Three Magical. :)

      • Lol that’s just lazy! I’m no blogging expert but I like to have posts of varying lengths with more short and snappy ones. If people like those, they’re more likely to read your longer ones :)

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