France Journey!

We did Harlem Shake on the Eurotunnel!

Now I’ve captured your attention…

So I woke up at 4:30. Being me, I had gone to sleep late, despite my best efforts. It was just that me and my mum had spent ages deciding which backpack would be most suitable for the trip. :3

(I know I haven’t mentioned anyone by name in my posts so far, but it’s exhausting calling people ‘my second youngest sibling’ or ‘my other friend’ all the time. Patrick won’t mind if I reveal him as the man behind the pseudonym ‘my friend’, who I often reference to, the friend who I quizzed about the red coat in the background of this blog and who quoted this site as ‘his only other source of entertainment apart from television’ [not joking] – would he?)

Anyway, I met up with Patrick and we got onto the coach. We arrived at the terminal relatively quickly considering the rest of our journey took over five hours! *Rant over* Here at the Eurotunnel gift shop I bought my only two souvenirs that lasted (the nougat for my sister is gone, lost to digestion). I had Euros, which the shop accepted, but naturally they only gave change in pounds. After buying Midnight’s Children by Salman Rushdie (which I still haven’t got down to reading) I was given five pounds change, so of course I brought the DVD of Despicable Me. All in all, none of my souvenirs are very… souveniry. But hey, when have pretty rubbers from the National History Museum ever come in handy?

There was a long bus journey, in which me and Patrick did a number of random things to amuse ourselves, but nothing I can write about.

Then we got onto the Eurotunnel.

On the Eurotunnel, we saw this diagram which showed people how to react if there was an emergency.


Safety procedure…

Here it was clear that people should take their cars, drive out the train and then the Eurotunnel (look at the blue arrows) by using tremendous speeds to break through the train (you’re on international waters, there are no speed limits here, or any laws…) and float up to the surface while enjoying the panoramic view of the sea.

George, from (commonly referred to as ‘my other friend’) said that the people were abandoning their cars, and walking orderly out of the Eurotunnel at the next available exit, but this is clearly illogical. If there was an emergency on the Eurotunnel, people would be running around manically, pondering over questions such as ‘What is the answer to Life, the Universe and Everything?’ and ‘What is the Ultimate Question?’

(And it is not illogical to say cars can’t float. They can if you’ve equipped a built in raft, which most sensible people have. If you haven’t, tough luck. Better do it now, just in case.)

So I leave this, dear reader, for you to decide. My way… or George’s way. Tell me in the comments. ;) If I can I’ll get a picture up as soon as possible. There is now a diagram above, for your careful (and perhaps biased towards me?) consideration.

EDIT: George has now set up a poll on insertnamehere. Follow the link and vote for me!

Coming soon

France Trip Part II: when I talk about when we actually got to France (the journey was just too interesting to miss out, it deserved a post of it’s own).

Art Salesman Trilogy, Parts II and III (both of these happened weeks ago now, but I never got round to publishing them).

Tech Battle

Easter Egg Double Special

MEMES! (possibly, what do you think?)


Also, my exam results have started coming back. *Gasp, faint, laugh creepily*. More on that later. ;)


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