The Art Salesman’s Handiwork Revealed in it’s Full Glory: Part III

Hehe… it may amuse you to know that, as Deathly Hallows: Part II has the (joint) longest title of the series but is also quite short, the same applies here. Just in advance, in case any of you were hoping for a blow-by-blow account of how we chose where to put the paintings, taking into consideration the layout of the house, the position of the electrical sockets and the aesthetic effect of the frames against the objects in the rooms – because that would end up being really boring. So that’s not going to happen, for the sake of keeping any readers I have – and keeping me awake.

TASHRIIFG movie poster
Here goes…


Apologies for the grainy image… a contemporary look on the Eiffel Tower.


The painting with it’s surroundings, but sorry again, not a perfect picture…

The original Art Salesman sold this to us. There was another picture of Paris available at the time, which both my dad and my sister had liked, but neither of them spoke up, and we ended up with this one. :P I like it though, so… well. What else is there to say really?

Next painting…

A fiery place... I can't remember the name of the church in the background, but it's real.

A fiery place… I can’t remember the name of the church in the background, but it’s real.


Picture with surroundings…

This picture is of a real place, but my memory fails me, and I have no idea where. The white building in the background’s definitely a church though.

This one was sold to us by the Art Framer (now also a copyrighted superhero name, along with Art Salesman). I find it interesting how we decided to hang both the pictures up above keyboard-like instruments. Maybe our idea of eye candy is a piano? o_O I don’t know, it may just be a coincidence.

I know what you’re thinking. It’s over. Finished. It all ended here. Don’t worry. Though the Harry Potter Art Salesman’s series is finished, I’ll still inspire eight movies, three charity books, and an interactive online experience.

Not really. But you know, if I have nothing better to do and need some money.


Coming up

  • Exam (results)
  • Easter Egg double special (if I can be bothered, believe I’ve lost my enthusiasm for it).
  • Another Tech Battle
  • Memes (maybe? Seriously, I need some feedback on whether to do this or not – otherwise memes will stay in post limbo forever).
  • A new feature, which goes under the codename, ‘Toothpaste’…

You have to understand that I can only blog about my life when something interesting happens. Apart from that, I have two options.

  1.  Write an informed, thought provoking, witty article on technology, the meaning of life or various other topics of my choice.
  2. Rant about something (hopefully these posts will be both witty and thought provoking, but not necessarily informed ;)).

I will say that with Operation Toothpaste, another option is created… which could either go really badly or end up a success. o_O Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “The Art Salesman’s Handiwork Revealed in it’s Full Glory: Part III

  1. I like the sound of memes- I vote in its favour :)

    Why not try writing something with absolutely nothing in mind…and see what comes out…I usually find that quite interesting

    What’s this Toothpaste business?

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