Sports Day (and Toothpaste revealed)!

Why wasn’t this on the Coming Soon section? Why have you had no warning?

I don’t know. To be honest, I completely forgot Sports Day was happening until Friday. ;)

Background information (skip this if you want to, or if you’re from my school)

My school has four houses (like Hogwarts). For now, let’s call them Draco, Snape, Harry, and Potter. These compete in the House Cup (again, like Hogwarts). I myself am in Potter. Every now and then we attempt to match each house with it’s Harry Potter equivalent, and Potter is often compared to Slytherin because of its competitiveness. -_- I mean, no offence to Slytherin, but I consider Potter as more of a Ravenclaw house. But of course this changes from year to year.

But I’m getting ahead of myself…

Sports Day

I am part of a BBC initiative called ‘BBC School Report’. Basically, we get to annoy people with requests for interviews, read out news for the school website, and do other similarly fun things. I even had a pass, which stated that my name was [blank], my school was [blank] and my face looked a little like this:

Insert Photo Here

Hehe… I pride myself on my laziness. Few of us could be bothered to fill in the card.

The beginning of the day was field events, with no audience – discus, javelin, shotput, long jump, triple jump… etc. We interviewed people when we could, but work was rare, and filming the events was hard as we weren’t allowed too close for our safety. So we lazed around. We thought about making a video called ‘Life of a Reporter’, which would have gone along these lines.

The afternoon was running or ‘track events’, and was therefore much more interesting. Me and a few others had cameras and the rights to pick random strangers and interview them at our will. Me and a friend (I was the reporter, he was the cameraman) were interviewing the athletes, two others were commentating and reading out the scores, and the rest were interrogating the crowd… or at least that was what it was supposed to look like.

 At first I asked Cameraman to film the races, but he pointed out that this was already being done, so we took to getting some interviews. But whenever the runners finished, they went to the centre of the field, and at first we couldn’t muster the courage to go over. When we did, and had done one or two interviews, we rushed over to one athlete, only to find that the commentator had gotten there first.

Cameraman was fuming, calling Commentator a lot of rude words under his breath and using colourful language to complain about how he was hogging the limelight. I told Commentator, who said sorry, he was doing what he was told. Cameraman was still angry, but after seven or eight more decent interviews, he calmed down.

 The athletes varied from really helpful to not bothered. Some of them took the time to give decent answers, whereas others tried to get it over with as quickly as possible. One guy won a 1500m race and he still had the time to be nice, so kudos to him.

Of course, things went AWOL again. We found two of the trio who were meant to be interviewing the crowds without a cameraman. We quickly found him, filming the race. He insisted he was needed to get the race from different angles, and refused to budge. It was a valid point, but we needed him. In the end, the other two reporters ended up interviewing, and perhaps got one or two.

Of course, this is just what happened to me. I haven’t talked much about sports day yet, though I probably would have had I just been an observer. So – the results…

Potter – 4th (but again, it’s just sports ;))

Harry – 3rd

Draco – 2nd

Snape – 1st! (Good for him!)

In case you’re curious, lots of school records were broken, because we were exceptional in our sporting abilities. Some of us were great motivators. Not in the cheerleading way… but you know. We were expert British cheerleaders.

My own meme!

My own meme! Person is Kyhan Mansley (still from the video: 5 Misconceptions about being British)!


So what is toothpaste?

Find out tomorrow!



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