Toothpaste: Background information!

So the time has come for me to post my first edition of Toothpaste! If you don’t know what this is… For those who eagerly checked in the morning (you know who you are -_-) I’m sorry I posted kind of late. I was away the whole morning at a Summer Fete (more on this in a later post).

I had quite a hard time choosing what to post about. Should I launch straight into the Medical Freebies, or start with something more school-like? Surely I should lay down some foundations? But even of these there are a number of choices… religion, family, moves…

So I just kind of ruined it by mixing most of them together and calling it Background Information. I might go into all of these topics again in the future, but with more detail, but first lets get the basics down. We’ll see how it goes…

Background information

I lived in Aberdeen for the first six years of my life, and I’m not going to lie, it was better than England in my memories. This may just be that childhood memories always seem really cool when you reminisce on them, or they may genuinely be better. ;)

So much for my English patriotism… But I do consider myself more English than Scottish. So you know… Go Andy Murray!

Andy Murray...Dammit, I really need to work on this patriotism thing…

After that (quite long) introduction into life, I had a number of moves. First the family moved to Harrow, in London, then to Basildon, Essex, and then to somewhere else in Essex… which could be anywhere. o_O But I’ve lived in this county for six years so I can truly consider myself a proper Essex… person. Can I just say, TOWIE is not that accurate (and looks pretty bad from the occasional snippets I’ve seen).

As for my background background… My parent come from Kerala, which is the only Christian state in India, and I am therefore a Catholic Scottish English Indian. Our whole family is scattered across the world… we’re always there, wherever you are. Operatives across the globe. Watching. Waiting. Australia, we have you covered. America… done. Hong Kong. We’re there. England. We have two bases. Germany. Yah. Japan, China, South Africa, Arabian Gulf, Abu Dubai…

I think we’re on every continent apart from Antarctica and South America. That’s saying something.

Seriously, go onto the streets and ask a random South Asian if they know someone called Joe. You’ll be surprised…

As for my immediate family… it depends on what you mean by immediate. If you go to second cousins… it goes beyond our reach. None of us know exactly how many we have.  If you’re talking one generation    , we’re a family of six, as previously mentioned in my father’s day post. I have three sisters, two younger, one older (but they’re not that bad -_-) and no brothers. Me and my dad are the only boys in comparison to four girls (my mum as well), which is quite an unfair ratio… I won’t say their names, though to warn you, it may get slightly confusing in future posts (as it did in the father’s day post, apologies for that. o_O)

So in conclusion? No, I can’t summarise this… can I? In conclusion, I’m a Scottish, English, Indian, Roman Catholic, Essex person with three sisters, a mum, a dad, and an international family.

That OK for conclusions?

Darn it I forgot my name!

Joe. ;)


2 thoughts on “Toothpaste: Background information!

  1. Hahahaha ‘Catholic Scottish English Indian’, that’s quite something!

    I too have a massive extended family all over the world in pretty much every continent! :D

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