Operation Toothpaste II: Hobbies!

So I haven’t posted for a week. For that I am sorry. This was due to both my laziness and my busy… schedule. I’m not joking. July weeks are nightmares for my mum, who has to organize all the events that happen right next to each other. I may post about this tomorrow. ;) But I did have plenty of opportunities, perhaps especially for Andy Murray winning Wimbledon (77 years! I really should have posted, now I feel guilty).

So for this week I would like to have one more, dare I say it, foundation level of Toothpaste, before we get into the nitty gritty, the entertaining details. Though to be fair, a layer of toothpaste on which to build a house is pretty unstable… For those of you who don’t know what Toothpaste is, click here.

I digress. It’s time for…

Operation Toothpaste Edition II: Hobbies!

First, to get it out, I am not a sporty person. I have asthma, but then so do loads of other athletes, so not much of an excuse. I suppose it’s kind of my fault, but seeing as many people’s idea of happiness is not a morning run, I suspect it’s something of a widespread problem.

My only real sporty hobby is Karate, which I go to on Mondays and Thursdays. The colour of my belt won’t be of any real significance, as I know some karate clubs have more colours or more belts than others, etc. But to appease those of you who have no real interest in my actual standard, and are only interested in how shiny my belt is, it’s brown. No, I’m not near black belt. I’m actually three away.

Well clearly you had great expectations of me. I’m sorry. I feel I’ve betrayed you. Just wait a year?

As well as this, I am quite fast. I have a degree of stamina, and can do cross-country with (as much) grace (as humanly possible), but I prefer sprinting, but I will tell you now, 100m is surprisingly long. I guess I’ll leave it to Usain Bolt.

As for my non-sporting hobbies, I play the piano, and will do Grade 3 in winter, and consider myself a good singer… I do way too many clubs at school at the time of writing, and will try to cut down next year. Choir (OK), Quiz Club (great), BBC Junior Reporters (fun, especially when you get to laze around), Maths Club (don’t ridicule me please -_-), and Spelling Bee (somewhat of a chore, but kind of fun). I think at the beginning of the year I also wanted to do Fencing, but,

My reading habits are somewhat unusual. I can get really into a book, and will try and read it late into the night – this happens in phases. After that, I put the book down, and forget about it for weeks until I pick it back up again and finish it off. There are of course those rare gems that dominate your waking hours – but for me, this rarely happens. I wouldn’t really call myself an avid reader either… more a healthy one. I usually only take a book of a shelf if the cover looks good, and I mean really good (stereotypical isn’t it?), if it has a good reputation, if it’s by a familiar author, or it’s a sequel to another good book.

Because of this, my reading also comes in phases. I read one series of books, grope around for a few weeks looking for another bestseller, find it, and read all the books that follow. This means I am well read in some genres, but kind of lacking in others. My friend (you know who you are) has pointed out to me that I have still not read many supposedly good book series – Percy Jackson, Cherub, Eragon (I read the first one, found it kind of boring); I haven’t read a proper Terry Deary fiction book, or all the Roman Mysteries; I need to finish the Artemis Fowl series (I’ve read most but not all of them) and start on Noughts and Crosses… there are many more, I just can’t think of them all right now.

So, I guess you could call me a semi-avid reader? Wow, I managed to write two paragraphs on my reading habits… That’s impressive you have to admit.

I am also writing a novel. It’s pretty much finished, and has been stuck in the editing stage for months. As I made up the book as I went along, it has a few continuity flaws and sections I need to write in or expand on, so I’ve been postponing it for a while… Hopefully I can get really into it in the Summer holidays and finish it by September. By then it will have been a year writing. That’s quite weird isn’t it? Then, hopefully, it’s off to a publisher. Dah! Stress. I’ll tell you how that works out.

My TV habits… I don’t watch much TV. I’m more of a computer guy. Like my reading, I watch what my favourite series, like Sherlock, Doctor Who, The Apprentice, occasional How I Met Your Mother… or whatever the family is watching. Besides, you can watch TV on a computer now. Surely this shows the superiority of a laptop? You know what, I think it deserves a Tech Battle. ;)

I also used to play computer games a lot. Not serious ones, like Minecraft and the like, that you have to download. More games you play on a whim. This habit has kind of died down, though I still occasionally go back to sites like Not Doppler for fun, and most of my time is spent on my computer.

As for the future… last week was the first time I went out to town with friends, which was fun, and I hope to do it again. More books to read, the new series of Sherlock, the 50th anniversary Doctor Who (such a cliffhanger!), the final series of How I Met Your Mother, the completion of my novel… So I still have lots to keep me entertained, at least to the middle of 2014. 2014… I’m tempted to put a meme here but I won’t. You can probably guess what it is.

So I hope you enjoyed this week’s edition of Toothpaste. Maybe I should do this feature twice a week? Next up: Tech Battle (you can probably guess what on).


Note: When I published this article, I accidently put in two phrases that people with dirty minds could find amusing. I have deleted these, as well as a reference to one of my friends. So for the people who read the post before it was edited – lucky you… You get to delight in my awkwardness and general unawareness of what I say to the world. Unless, you don’t remember those awkward phrases… in which case, lucky me. ;)  


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