An Ode to Homework (steampunk)

Oh the bitter taste it leaves in my mouth!
Oh sums! oh essays! oh write-ups!
Why art though so annoying?
Why doest though come into existence?

Shall I compare thee to a winter’s day?
Cold, dreary, oblivious to my horror?
Doest thou know the extent to which you punish me?
To which you steal my time and pride?

Let me not to the marriage of numbers or to the marriage of words
Admit impediments. For that equation or that essay has
Within it a snatch of beauty and order
And a sound understanding of the world.

But that which is formed from utopia
Can create a strange dystopia of sorts.
An educational world of misery
That extends to the borders of the household
And dares to tread into our homes.

And yet, without this dystopia,
There would be no eventual utopia.
For out of these facts and figures,
Some find their fortune and satisfaction.

And so, I understand your purpose,
Why you came into this world, why you crossed the boundary,
Into our households.
Perhaps your taste is not quite bitter,
But more bittersweet.


In other words, sorry I didn’t post yesterday (as I promised). I was bogged down with homework. ;) This was partly inspired by ‘Ode to The Emergency in London’ (or something of a similar name) in the book ‘Larklight’ by Philip Reeve. To give you a summary of what it is, imagine Victorian steampunk… and add space travel. And giant spiders. That’s Larklight right there for you. In case any of you are interested

Again, sorry about the non-existent Tech Battle (this is a feature I do every so often). But this was quite fun. I may do another one. ;)



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