Tech Battle: TV vs Computer (and why I should never make commitments!)

Tech Battle TV vs Computer
So this is my third Tech Battle! I know I should have posted this yesterday, but I have a proper excuse. Not just homework. Due to my lack of knowledge of future events, I completely forgot of the school concert, in which I was performing in the Choir.  In fact, I only collected the tickets (that I ordered a few weeks ago) on the day. No joke. I started to write this post at fifteen past five or so yesterday, but the Choir had to be there at six and I could only write for 15 minutes. The actual concert started at 7:00, and lasted almost three hours (interval included). I know this sounds a bit like ‘Dog ate my homework’ but it’s true. I’ll write about it as soon as I can. ;)

But as a Tech Battle I think this is a biggie. Sure eBooks vs Paperbacks was tough, and Writing vs Typing was intense, but this is the one that has rocked the world. And what of the future? Is it possible that one day, the two devices, so separate at the time of writing, will become one? That would be a shame, this Tech Battle will have gone to waste… ;)

But I digress… (in case you haven’t noted, I like this phrase)
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