Tech Battle: TV vs Computer (and why I should never make commitments!)

Tech Battle TV vs Computer
So this is my third Tech Battle! I know I should have posted this yesterday, but I have a proper excuse. Not just homework. Due to my lack of knowledge of future events, I completely forgot of the school concert, in which I was performing in the Choir.  In fact, I only collected the tickets (that I ordered a few weeks ago) on the day. No joke. I started to write this post at fifteen past five or so yesterday, but the Choir had to be there at six and I could only write for 15 minutes. The actual concert started at 7:00, and lasted almost three hours (interval included). I know this sounds a bit like ‘Dog ate my homework’ but it’s true. I’ll write about it as soon as I can. ;)

But as a Tech Battle I think this is a biggie. Sure eBooks vs Paperbacks was tough, and Writing vs Typing was intense, but this is the one that has rocked the world. And what of the future? Is it possible that one day, the two devices, so separate at the time of writing, will become one? That would be a shame, this Tech Battle will have gone to waste… ;)

But I digress… (in case you haven’t noted, I like this phrase)



So. What is a television? A creative outpost to the world? A outpouring of images to the mind?

A computer but without the fun? (Burn).

Yeah, I mean, you can watch good quality programs on a big, high quality screen. I get that. And movies. I understand. But surely if you’re looking for high quality you should look outside a window? Surely if you’re looking for big, you should go to the cinema?

And there’s little else you can do apart from watch until your eyes go square (please tell me I wasn’t the only one who believed this as a child). Sure there are Smart TVs, but it’s not like they can do much more than the dumb ones.  Wait… did I just call a television dumb? What has the world come to, that televisions can have IQs? The smartphones may have earned their title, but I think the Smart TVs are going to need a little more than the ability to watch Youtube videos in order to be called Albert Einstein.

And they all look the same… so dull. Just look at the Apple Mac below, and see what good design looks like.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my television. But I prefer my laptop… a lot. But surely, if not for the lack of capabilities, the TV is better for watching… TV? I don’t know, does that make sense? ;)


Ah, my true technological love. Look how shiny this is. Let’s face it, the computer is much better than the TV. As well as providing light entertainment in the form of Youtube’s great *ahem* cat videos and playing on Microsoft Office,  it can also be beneficial to human civilization. But then again, so are the cat videos…

I mean, the machine Alan Turing made to crack the Enigma Code is estimated to have shaved 2-4 years off of WWII. How much more useful and beneficial to humanity can you get? Sure the penguin documentaries are cute… but not life-threatening. Unless you’re a Spy in the Huddle, trading their secrets for money; hoping beyond all hope that those cute little flightless birds won’t seek there revenge from their Frozen Planet; hoping beyond all hope you can avoid the March of the Penguins.

The irony of it is that computers can imitate televisions as well as Hugh Laurie can imitate a French person. There’s BBC iPlayer, 40D, and ITV player all there for free, and (if you’re willing to pay) Netflix and Sky Player. You can even watch programs live on a computer… and though the picture quality may not be great, I’m too concerned with the hilariousness of whatever I’m watching to complain about that sort of stuff.

But if you miss an episode of your favourite soap/drama/comedy, it can only stay on the internet for so long before it gets taken off… or you have to pay to use Netflix.  To illustrate the point I have spent the last six or so months hoping for BBC to air the last episode of Merlin, which I missed when it aired on TV and when it was available on BBC iPlayer, because my family was on holiday in India. I spent even longer semi-anticipating repeats of the second series of Sherlock (which I missed). These have finally started to appear, but more than a year after they first aired. How long am I going to have to wait for Merlin, first on TV, and then on iPlayer? The point being there should be more storage space on these things…

But maybe I should be worried; with all these catch-up sites, is the computer becoming more like the TV? Shudder.

The future

I think you already know my verdict on this Tech Battle, so what’s the point in me telling you? I have more pressing issues at hand.

What with TVs becoming more like computers (Smart TV) and computers becoming more like tellies (live streaming, Netflix, iPlayer, that sort of stuff) then perhaps they’ll eventually merge into something neither Charles Baggage nor John Logie Baird anticipated – a telecomputer.

Ridiculous, I hear you say? As ridiculous as how the tablet and the phone had a brainchild and called it Galaxy Note, before employing models with very large hands to use them in the commercials? And was not the iPhone the brainchild of the iPod and the… whatdyacallit? A dumb phone? Great, so now phones can have IQs as well… and wasn’t the iPad basically a big iPhone?

My point being that it’s going to happen. Maybe even soon. And I’m terrified. Petrified. Something with the addictiveness of TV, the usefulness of computers, and the cuteness of cat videos…

The world should be scared. Very scared.



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