Operation Toothpaste: Beverages!

Sorry folks! My family went to Confession (we’re Catholics) and then to KFC and obviously time got wasted, so this ended up being quite a late post. My plan to post on something related to medicine sort of backfired – I guess you’ll never know what it was going to be about. Unless I decide to tell you… ;) Then I thought, maybe I could post on my awkward situations… but due to my time constraint, I’ll save that for next week.

So, of course, I’m coming out with the big guns. This is the one insight you will never be able to gauge unless you look my family in the eye, unless you truly understand what it means to suffer addiction.

This is my family’s struggle with beverages!

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Do you hear that?

Do  you hear those whispers on the wind?

Do you listen to those cries? The voices that, only a month ago, were screaming in despair from weeks of educational agony, letting out there sorrow in the only way they could – by writing a 1600 word essay and leasing it out to the public?

Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of happy men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves to education again – at least for a summer or for as long as it takes for this irritatingly hot heat wave to die out…

Those noises are the cries of FREEDOM!


I apologise. My joy can not be expressed in mere words. It’s over. Finally.

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