Do you hear that?

Do  you hear those whispers on the wind?

Do you listen to those cries? The voices that, only a month ago, were screaming in despair from weeks of educational agony, letting out there sorrow in the only way they could – by writing a 1600 word essay and leasing it out to the public?

Do you hear the people sing, singing the songs of happy men? It is the music of a people who will not be slaves to education again – at least for a summer or for as long as it takes for this irritatingly hot heat wave to die out…

Those noises are the cries of FREEDOM!


I apologise. My joy can not be expressed in mere words. It’s over. Finally.


For six weeks. Fourty-two days. 1008 hours. 60480 minutes. 3628800 seconds of summer lazing! (Apologies if the maths it’s wrong; it should be my favourite subject, but calculators can get it wrong).

AAFSADFSJKAF… *Ahem.* Apologies. I will try to restrain myself. Also, sorry to those in other countries (outside of England), or to those who go to private schools or universities – you’ve either had your summer break already, or are still waiting (or you live in the Southern hemisphere). In the case of the latter two options, if this post makes you feel a wave of longing – do not fret. Your day of freedom will come too my brothers.

My final week of the movie season school (skip this bit if you go to my school)>

This Monday: So on Monday we basically had a normal school day. Our only ‘last lesson’ was DT, and I finally finished my phone holder which I think looks quite snazzy cool (pictures coming soon). We also get Maths homework every Monday to keep us occupied for around an hour – so when our teacher let us off lightly with a ‘stick in your homework sheet’ there was a disjointed sort of Mexican wave that spread across the classroom. Yay for celebrations!

This Tuesday: Because of the sunshine, we only did a few questions of our science test. We had our last Geography, Music and Drama lessons of the year all on the same day… some of us were choking up. ;) Drama in particular merges into English next year, so this truly was our last Drama lesson. We did end the subject in style, however, with the classic Drama games of0 Zip Zap Boing. To clear up any confusion, you can’t Zap a Zap, you can’t Boing a Boing, you can’t Zap a Boing, and you can’t Boing a Zap. Understood? Good.

There was also the School Concert, but I’m going to leave you in the dark about this until next Tuesday… it deserves a whole post.

This Wednesday:

No. Trust me. I’m not that type of person. The book cover is misleading…

Basically, things got less serious towards the end of the week. In our (last) ICT lesson, we played BZ Flag, which was fun – but I also feel guilty about it, because I’m sort of an extreme pacifist and don’t play war games! That’s slightly weird because I do karate twice a week…

As for RSS, we started to watch Gandhi. Due to my class and I taking ages to finish our internet projects, we barely scraped much of the film, especially as I missed most of Friday’s RE lesson. But more on that later…

Art was the usual, which seems unjust in comparison to another form, who watched Woman in Black for their one-and-a-half hour session. We had our last Science lesson, and our penultimate French lesson, though it felt like the last. Our French teacher revealed she was moving to Brisbane, and being nice and talkative, we invariably talked about Australia and what it was like for fifteen minutes. My usual helpful self, I told her that my reason for not moving to Australia was because of the many venomous spiders, which was of course, a great send off. Then we watched Le Simpsons. ;)

This Thursday: Twas our final French lesson, where we traded one cartoon for another, and watched ‘Les Indestructibles’ – i.e. ‘The Incredibles’ for all you French Disney buffs out there. Then we messed about in the pool and played Water Polo. In Latin we watched Roman Mysteries, and in History we watched Amazing Grace (I hadn’t heard of it either – but it has Cumberbatch at least). After lunch, we had an Inter-House Spelling Bee. I would have been on the team, but I didn’t go to one of the practises (because I was doing DT homework) and was thereby kicked off. It still hurts. -_- It’s also slightly ironic, because two of my friends who didn’t want to participate were forced into it, whereas I, who did want to go, was kicked out. Irony can be cruel. ;)

This Friday: In the morning, we had our last English lesson, and we did the last admin work and then watched Beowulf. The only thing about Beowulf… it’s pretty graphic for a cartoon. With all the nudity. And occasional gore. And of course this was played in a boy’s only secondary school. ;) Chaos, huh?

In RSS, I started to watch more of Gandhi with the others in my class, but missed most of it because I had to attend a Speech Day rehearsal (I got an Academic Prize *does victory dance*). This took about an hour. We watched our final instalment of Roman Mysteries in Latin. And then came History. We watched the movie, but everyone was anxious for the reports.

You have to understand that every year, our school shakes the forms up. What a bad system? you’re probably thinking.

Yep. Everyone agrees. As someone put it: “It’s good because you get rid of all the annoying people – but then you get even more annoying people.”

The problem being that I have no good friends outside of my form. My social skills do not extend that far.

The reports came in a box, but we still watched the movie. They were tantalisingly close. Then our teacher started to hand them out. Of course, I was interested in what my teachers had to say about me, but more about the form selections. I opened the report, but it took a bit of searching to find the forms list. I looked for my name. Sighed in relief. My friends George and Patrick were in the same class – not Sam and Adam, but two good friends was enough. Hey, three’s a crowd, but a crowd is usually friendly… unless it’s a stereotypical medieval lynch mob.

So I went back home (yay, half-day!), read my report (most of it was good, but my RE teacher expected me to get in the 80s at least in my final exam – I got 77; if you want to find out why…) got smartened up, and came back to the school for the Speech Day. All the prize-winners arrived half an hour early, and we sat there for a while, until we heard a rendition of a song which I believe is called Fever; it was kind of irrelevant to the whole event as it was a love song, which just exemplified the awkwardness. A long speech from the Headmaster. And then the prizes. Being at the start of the ‘procession’, I led everyone out of the hall, which was a bit nerve-wracking, but I didn’t faint. ;)

When we got outside, I got into the line behind the first person to get a prize. When my name was announced, I shook the hand of the visiting Professor Something, who had once attended the school, received my book prize that I had chosen on my trip to town (I need to write about this too, it was weeks ago) and found my way back into a seat again.

From there it went something like this.

Me: (Trying to read. Realises everyone is still clapping.  Feels guilty for not clapping. Claps. Tries to read. Cycle repeats, with occasional interludes of me fanning myself).

[Half an hour later]

Visiting Professor Something: (Gives speech. Memorable line: “As soon as you tell someone you’re a mathematician, it kills the conversation dead” It’s OK professor. It’s the same for people who just like maths).

Me: (Trying to read. Realises everyone is still listening.  Feels guilty for not listening. Listens. Tries to read. Cycle repeats, with occasional interludes of me fanning myself).

Then I went home, started to write this post, watched Hounds of the Baskervilles, and was generally delirious for the rest of the day.

For those who were wanting an Operation Toothpaste – I’m waiting until my dad returns from his medical conference to write it. Why? All will be revealed…

Summer lazin’, had me a blast…
Summer lazin’, sleep that could last…
Bought a bed, soft and comfy!
A duvet, perfect for me…

Summer sun, something’s begun,
But oh, oh those summer nights!

Joe. ;)


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