So I now have 13 followers…

o_O Is this a reason to be happy? I’m not superstitious, but I’ve noticed some strange things recently. For one, I broke the record for views per day yesterday, and got 28 views in total. Now this may sound measly to you, but I’m just starting out, and this is pretty big. What I also found was that this happened on the same day I published my 28th post.

Maybe I’ve started to believe this thing. I mean… 13 is a lucky number right?

LOL… JK. Thanks guys. For putting up with me. And reading my really long posts. Either that or you skimmed through them. That’s OK. I understand. Not everyone has time to read essays in the morning.

Joe. (I have also found that the majority of my followers are running these really inspirational self-help blogs. I’m not sure why this is…)

Edit: On the same day I published this, I gained another follower. So this was pointless. :P Also, when I said I had 13 followers, I didn’t include myself… because that would be cheating, right?