Television Show Nostalgia

Do you remember when you were young? No, when you were really young. Wishing, if you’re my age, that CBeebies would show your birthday card on television, or hopefully anticipating their latest magazine? Gazing, if you’re older than me, at the two hours of children’s television shown on BBC 1 and 2?

However old you are, this is a look at those programs that defined my childhood.
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Just a quick update…

So I did a number of things with the blog.

For one, I changed the longer posts (not the shorter ones) so that not everything is shown at once on the home page. This is partly for me, and partly for you. For one, my blog doesn’t seem to be getting much attention, which makes me annoyed. I think part of the reason for this is that, if you want to, you can view every post in my blog in one view. It doesn’t seem right. The other part of the reason is that my posts aren’t good enough? :P I prefer to blame it on the first option, but as much as I hate to admit it, it’s in all probability mainly the latter.

I also updated the About page, which was kind of out-dated. For one, it stated this was just a technology blog, which is misleading (if anything it’s 80% ramblings and 20% technology!). I also added some info on the Tech Battles and Operation Toothpaste, so people can easily pick up.

On a side note… one week until my birthday! LFADSKJHLKJHFL!!!! I need to decide what I want, this will be a trickie…