Television Show Nostalgia

Do you remember when you were young? No, when you were really young. Wishing, if you’re my age, that CBeebies would show your birthday card on television, or hopefully anticipating their latest magazine? Gazing, if you’re older than me, at the two hours of children’s television shown on BBC 1 and 2?

However old you are, this is a look at those programs that defined my childhood.


They were always the best dancers.

What do you see when you look at this picture? A bunch of multi-coloured munchkins of awesomeness?

NO. You see your childhood. Tinky-Winky. Dipsy. Lala. Po. And the Baby in the Sun. I always found that baby frightening, even now it sends shivers down my back. But that’s beside the point. All of them, even now I know their names…

I liked the Po the best. I’m not quite sure why. Red was one of my favourite colours (although so was purple). Po was the shortest, and he always looked like the youngest. I always that Po was a boy (though I recently found out she was a girl). I don’t think it was colourism, or heightism, or ageism,  or sexism, but I think it was natural I liked Po more.

Lala… I always thought of her as being vaguely musical. I wonder why.

Dipsy. Always the neglected one. Was it because he was simply more shy? Do only Irish people, environmentalists and my sister like the colour green? Or was it something much more sinister… was it racism? If you look, you’ll see that he’s a lot more brown than his compatriots. But I doubt this, because I don’t believe babies are inherently racist? Sometimes I look at a baby, staring intently at a twig or something similar, and can’t help but think – what is going on in your cute head? Evil plots? Dastardly plans? Dreams of technological innovation? But, somehow I doubt babies can be racist… they’re just too cute.

And Tinky-Winky… The oldest. The Avatar. The Smurf. I always thought he was a boy, but supposedly his gender was undecided. Huh.

But I think the main reason for the show’s success is its core factor.

They have tellies on their tubbies! How much cooler can you get?

Big Cook, Little Cook

Welcome to our café!

Ah, Big Cook, Little Cook. If anything, you told me that size didn’t matter. I’m not sure if that was the message I saw, but I’m sure it seeped in somehow.

I knew where food came from. Little Cook would always whizz around some industrial factory of mouldy lettuce (yes, I know lettuce isn’t made in factories, I’m making a point), and make it look interesting.  You would tell us a story and I would be entranced. I never really liked Big Cook. He was always a bit pompous. Or at least, in my memory he was… Perhaps I was yet again biased towards the short people?

There are those little things that stick the most. ‘Now remember: get an adult to help with this bit’ is one of those occasional phrases that I remember most. And the clean-up song. XD Oh the clean-up song. Take one look at the comments section on YouTube, and you will know that I am not the only one. Such fun. My eyes water in happiness. Boasting all about how you had the cleanest café in town, and yes, I believed you. I believed you with all my heart.


The perfect children’s show with the perfect catchphrase. What’s the story in Balamory wouldn’t you like to know? What’s the story in Balamory, tell us where we should go. And then, to top it off, this random, “Hey!” to captivate our attention. No more to be said.

Boogie Beebies

When Boogie Beebies was on the telly, it was the only time I ever liked dancing. We would always dance in the weirdest places, like in the circus, or the supermarket. But fine by me; who cared if I scared the circus elephant or knocked down all the shelves in the supermarket? I was a small child under the influence of children’s television and could not be blamed. ;)

I would look forward to the warm-down. I would just curl myself into a ball, and I had already convinced myself I was doing some sort of yoga. I wonder what my mother thought, seeing me like that, lying on the floor. -_-


I can’t remember much of the fimbles. It was kind of unmemorable. But our house has at least one item of Fimbles merchandise, and I remember it being quite entertaining. From a look at Wikipedia, the Fimbles had a sixth sense. What for ghosts? o_O

No. For tambourines, blue goo, or patches of sunlight to name a few. Generally, something ‘exciting’. -_- Well that was an anti-climax.

In conclusion

Was there any point to this post? No. Will they bring back any of these shows? No.

But… it’s nice to fantasise. It’s nice to dream.



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