Choosing my birthday presents…

It is now less till a week to my birthday. This is shown by the widget over to the right of the screen, which you should be eagerly watching. If you haven’t put it in your diary, shame. Shame on you. ;) Just kidding. But please, check in on August 1.

One of the more arduous tasks of having a birthday is choosing your presents. This is easy enough if you genuinely want something with all your heart. Like happiness. Or true love. Or snow. But there don’t appear to be any shops in the United Kingdom that sell these things, and who knows how these presents could be wrapped, so people generally ask for more material things.

Asking for money is, frankly, pointless when I’m probably not going to use it because I don’t go into town that much. Chocolate is out of the equation, because a) it’s summer and b) I’m allergic. Don’t pity me. I can see your face right now. Stop.

I’m not a video gamer, so no video games. I want a new phone, but not desperately, so I might get that for my next birthday – it’s really just so I can text people quickly. I currently have my sister’s old Nokia, which works fine.

Bike/sporty thing? I don’t like cycling and I don’t like sports.  Sweets? I’m not going to spend my birthday eating sweets. I have ideals people. Apple product? I already have an iPod touch. Computer/ television? Why would I want a new laptop when my current one works fine? And I think we all know my views on televisions…  I don’t believe in getting a new one if the old one works. Besides, if I got either of those items, it would probably be my only present. And the TV would probably be really small to save money.

What’s left then? Is there anything left? Yes, I tell you, yes. Books. Books and DVDs.

And in those three words, you have summed up my ideal birthday presents.

Perfect! Obviously, the picture’s from

Books are easy… ish. There are currently two series I want to finish. The Gone Books, by Michael Grant, and the Noughts and Crosses sequence, by Malorie Blackman (I recently reviewed the first book in my first ever book post). My mum bought me the Noughts and Crosses series. I found out because she said I couldn’t take those books out of the library, which gave away the whole thing.

But what of the DVD? I skimmed Amazon today, and came up with Life of Pi. It was the only one I was vaguely interested in, having seen it in the cinema.

6 more days to go
Said Joe. (Hey, it rhymes!)


3 thoughts on “Choosing my birthday presents…

  1. Do you have a camera? Here is a couple of books and authors you should consider:
    Percy Jackson
    Heroes of Olympus
    Kane Chronicles
    Michael Morpurgo
    Septimus Heap
    Time Riders
    Jeanne Duprau
    John Flanagan
    Charlie Higson
    Other Malorie Blackman books
    Mary Norton
    Charlotte Bronte
    Hope you enjoy this small selection of books!

    • Time Riders, got the first two. Malorie Blackman books, I’ve read Pig Heart Boy and Hacker… and I just got Percy Jackson. Seriously, do you walk around with a list of books to recommend to people? XD

      • No I just saw your post about presents and thought hey, I know of some books/authors that joe might like. Jeanne duprau is really good though :-)

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