Versatile Blogger Award! Dah!


I have just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first award, so I am ecstatic! Thanks a lot to mushroomsup at Funny for Nothing, who nominated me! Funny for Nothing is a really funny blog. As in, having an asthma attack funny. So, the fact I was nominated by her is very flattering! Continue reading


12 dreams!

Note: A lot of these dreams will make no chronological sense. Like, one second I’m me, the next I’m in army clothes. Please, bear with me. The dreams themselves are organized in the order I had them, so the dreams I had as a young child are first. These dreams are pretty weird. Just saying. This is a similar idea to a post done by Opinionated Man, which I can’t remember the name of.


Scenario 1: I have just been born. I scream or think “I’m alive!”. I promptly jump off the delivery bed and start crawling around the labour room. Nobody can catch me. I must have been a fast baby.

Please, ignore the food bit!

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