Versatile Blogger Award! Dah!


I have just been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! This is my first award, so I am ecstatic! Thanks a lot to mushroomsup at Funny for Nothing, who nominated me! Funny for Nothing is a really funny blog. As in, having an asthma attack funny. So, the fact I was nominated by her is very flattering!

So the rules (for the people I’ve nominated)…

  • Thank and link back to the person who nominated you.
  • Put the badge on your blog. This will most likely require some technological wizardry. I’m not scared of the challenges. Right? I mean, I am a technophile… please could someone just tell me how to do it (or I could search the web)?
  • Nominate 15 people. When I saw ‘nominate’, I don’t mean “You’re through to the live shows and the public vote.” I mean, congrats, you’ve got the award. Feel free to take it or leave it. No pressure.
  • Post 7 facts about yourself.

Now we’ve got the rules over with, here are the nominations. Some of you have probably already been nominated for this prize, but the Versatile Blogger banner wasn’t on your blog. I understand if you just haven’t got round to it. Laziness is a trait that can never be eradicated. It is there from birth. If possible, just tell me in the comments, thoug I understand if you’re too lazy too.

I’ve split the blogs into categories, so you can skip ahead to the ones you like. But please give all of them a try. Hey, maybe one day you’ll get a Versatile Reader Award! ;) In no particular order…

Edit: Opinionated Man, The Jackie Blog, Live Nerd Repeat, Reflections of a Book Addict and the Good Greatsby had all been nominated already. The Jackie Blog in particular was nominated 2 days before I got the award. Two days! Anyway… these have been replaced with DisCoverage, Om Malik, Geeky G4mer and… dah! I’m still really young in this blogging thing! I don’t know who else to nominate!

I’m not sure this is standard, but I really don’t follow that many blogs, and so many have been taken… I’ve literally spent ages looking for some more blogs, but I can’t! So… I’m going to link to two of my old blogs. It’s horrible, so feel free to laugh at it – it’s called Games and Other Stuff and Short, Unrelated Posts. One of them has an embarrassing URL, the other embarrassing content.

The things I do to get a prize…

General blogs (that makes them versatile!)

Three Magical – These posts are always really funny! The daily life of someone who likes maths.

The Official How To Blog – This is a really prestigious blog which you’ve probably heard of already. Self-explanatory.

Geeky G4mer – Life in the North! Life in the North happens to be the 2nd most funny area in England, with the 1st being the South-East… ;)

EDIT: Did no-one notice I had only put thirteen blogs? I had them all down on a list and I forgot to put two down. To these blogs, apologies, you’re just as good as all the rest – I just had the awareness of a… kangaroo. Yeah, that works…

Bookishly Me – These posts are usually really good and always really thought provoking.

Azinser – Funny, awesome, everything.

Friends blogs (these are all pretty general).

Pessimistic Leprechaun – A leprechaun who presumably lost his pot of gold.

[insertnamehere] – [insertdescriptionhere]

Adamissocrazy’s blog – The blog of a bonkers person.

These blogs are my friend’s, so I won’t say much on them in fear of being biased. PEER PRESSURE! Pessimistic Leprechaun and Adamissocrazy’s blog are just starting out, it’ll be interesting to see how they develop. Obviously, they’re all general, which makes them versatile I guess?

Technology/media blogs!

Om Malik – A pretty prestigious blog, about all aspects of technology. The posts are always really well written and thought provoking.

DisCoverage – A media blog that feels strangely like a philosophy blog. Probably just my own view…


Books, j’adore – Reviews by one person, but still really informative.

The thing that sets this book blog apart is its (versatile) range. Am I trying to fit versatile into every sentence? (Versatile) yes.

Arty/designy blogs

Ray Ferrer – Emotion on Canvas – Graffiti style pictures that really capture the essence of what they’re portraying. Not to sound overly cheesy… versatile range of portraits and pictures?

Re:blog – Re: a really good design blog. Versatile designs?

Now for 7 facts about myself! Yay! In advance, #6 is terrifying if you have a case of acute squeamishness.

  1. I can get really paranoid after dark. After watching a Sherlock episode, I became frightened of red dots for ages, because I thought they could be sniper dots. When there was a flash of lightning a few days ago, I ran downstairs terrified because I thought someone had taken a picture of me. -_-
  2. I hate bananas. Just… no.
  3. Though some of you may know this already, I am a Catholic English Scottish Indian, because my family comes from Kerala, the only primarily Christian state in India, I was brought up in Scotland and I live in England.
  4. I can do this tap-dancing/ Happy Feet thing with my feet, which is self-taught. This has recently become a habit. Like, every now and then I’ll just break into spontaneous feet moving. I don’t call it dancing, because it’s not. ;)
  5.  I have a small group of friends who are really close.
  6. I have a bald spot, because when I was in young (I think it was in Yr 1) I bumped my head against this sharp edge of wood. There was blood. -_- They healed it, but hair doesn’t grow there anymore. It’s pretty small, but it’s there.
  7. Making this blog has made me realise that… dare I say it? I’m not as much as a technophile as I would lead you to believe! There, I said it… I feel I’ve betrayed you. Slightly.

So that’s it. And happy Versatile Blogging/Reading!


P.S. Who else couldn’t keep their eyes off the gif? ;)

10 thoughts on “Versatile Blogger Award! Dah!

  1. how do you nominate someone to an award? I would nominate Joe as he is a brilliant blogger. And he mentioned my blog on this!!!!! (

    • First you have to get nominated by someone else. And to nominate someone, just do what I did above. Just do a post and let them know they’re nominated.
      But since I just nominated you, you can’t nominate me back. ;)

  2. so I just follow the rules? how do you know if you’ve been nominated? how do you do the badge thing? to nominate someone do you just mention their blogs name? If you are nominated does that mean you automatically get the reward? This is so confusing!!! :-)

    • Q1) Yes.
      Q2) Because I tell you. Again, you have been nominated.
      Q3) Add an ‘image widget’ on your widget page, in Appearance, on your Dashboard.
      Q4) Just mention their name in a post like I did, and then tell them in the comments of their blog you nominated them.
      Q5) Yes, you automatically get the reward. ;)
      Q6) Yes this is confusing! But the rules are in the post, just follow the rules…
      BTW, I am posting this while watching Harry Potter 7 Pt 1!

  3. Thank you, Joe. Very kind. I quite like that description of the site. (My brother-in-law is also a Catholic English Indian – not Scottish – so there’s one fact).

    • Sorry for this very late reply! At first I just forgot to reply, and then over time I felt kind of ashamed and postponed replying until now. :)

      That is interesting… such a shame he isn’t Scottish though. :P

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