I have zero awareness of time…

I only realised today that our family is going to Harry Potter Tomorrow tomorrow. Hence me only putting the timer up now. 1 day away. :P

This might seem really weird, because I like/love Harry Potter (I don’t obsess over it compared to some others who would put me to shame) so I really should remember. There are a number of reasons for this – a) I don’t have one of those calendars that people tick off with big red crosses. Maybe I should get one…

If only…

As well as this, you lose track of time in the holidays if you don’t have a calendar. If there’s one good thing about school or work is that it keeps you in sync with time. I was pretty sure this was Thursday in the morning. But then I found out it was Friday… or is it?

Finally we booked well in advance so I kind of… forgot about it? *gasp* Yeah, but in my defence, I’m not the most up-to-date person. I’m OK with news generally (my occasional scrolling of Yahoo keeps me relatively in the loop) but when my sister is away, I’ll wonder why for half an hour before realising she’s at a piano lesson.

Well this post was basically me rambling on why I’m forgetful. I’m sorry, I’ll do the awards when I get back. I didn’t really feel in the mood today. :? Hopefully that doesn’t make me a bad blogger. See you (virtually) on Sunday!


P.S. … Nope, I’ve forgotten. I’m sure it’s nothing important? Oh yeah, I’m really excited to have Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans and butterbeer! Although my sister did warn me agains the BB’s Beans, supposedly she had one that tasted of dirt.

Yep, that’s it. :P


The Prayer Conference!

The journey to the prayer conference took four hours, maybe more. We had to stop off at McDonalds for a toilet break, and inevitably got a box of nuggets, meaning we were all refreshed for the rest of the journey with preservatives and salt. When we got to the place, we quickly found our room and settled in. It was sort of basic, but according to my sister, ‘cosy’. :? I didn’t get quite the same vibe.

After I had added the finishing touches to the room (i.e. plugging in my laptop) my dad, my two younger sisters and I went on a (very small) run. On the way I saw a room with loads of children in. Whenever I passed by the window, I got really scared that they could see I was avoiding them on purpose because I’m sort of that awkward, unsociable guy at the party who dances by himself (but then the only parties I’ve been to are birthdays, and this isn’t really a problem). But eventually I took the leap and went inside. Continue reading

I’m back!

I arrived back home from the prayer conference an hour ago. Just to say I’m alive. :P

First of all, I have three pressing issues at hand: a) a missed Operation Toothpaste post, b) a post about the prayer conference and c) the Lovely Blogger Award. I’ve decided to post them in that order, because the OT post I’ve planned kind of sets the scene for the prayer conference thing, and the LB Award can hopefully wait.

Also, if I did read, like or comment your post while I was away, I was shamelessly using our 3G. Feel honoured.


P.S. As well as the Skyfall analysis, and DIY Summer, I’m thinking of doing a post called 20 things to name your pet eagle, two of them being ‘Stormbreaker’ and ‘Eagle Strike’. Thoughts? Also, which gif did you find the most amusing? :)

Going on a break…

The family is leaving in the afternoon for the prayer conference. Though it only starts tomorrow, it’s ages away, and we need to go to our rooms and get dinner and unpack and the like.

It turns out I got the dates wrong earlier. What this means is that instead of seeing you back on Wednesday I’ll be able to post on Tuesday. Yay!

I thought I would just say what’s coming up. I have a song analysis of Skyfall, I have just found out I have been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by Juls from The Geeky G4mer (a great blog, check it out), I’m finally going to do another technology post (you’d think I would find it a little easier to live up to my namesake), I’m going to post on all the various DIY projects that have happened over the summer, and I’m going to comment on the current climate of the financial situation in Europe that’s it.

Thanks. I’ll be back on Tuesday!



After 2 and a bit months, success! I now have 1000 views! This post came quite a bit after the 1000th view came and went, but oh well. Because of this, I will try and stretch an otherwise meaningless blog update to fit 1000 words! Yay for essay posts!

So first of all… the Origin Story. Continue reading

Nearly 1000…

At the time of writing, I am tantalisingly close to 1000 views. So feel free to refresh the page multiple times in order to get there. ;) Also, comment on this post if you believe you are the 1000th viewer (you’ll know when it says 999 views).