The heralding of a new month is the heralding of a new year.

Or in other words…

It never gets old! ;)

So yesterday my sister kept on asking me how I was feeling. Whenever I said “Good.” or “Normal.” near the beginning of the day, she was like:

Keeping in mind this is my youngest sister, who is still in primary school, she does a pretty good angry face. Towards the end of the day, I learned my lesson and said, “Normally excited.” or “Normally excited in a good way.” which she found acceptable. She couldn’t accept my relatively OK feeling, which to her was practically indifference. Not that my birthday has become any less of a big deal (I still like being fussed over :)) it’s just that I can show more self-restraint.

Or so I would lead you to believe…

So in the morning I woke up really early (in summer holiday terms) and I had the strange feeling they were going to burst in and wish me Happy Birthday, and consequently be annoyed if I was awake, so I unsuccessfully tried to get back to sleep. It was only later that I remembered the family usually waited for the birthday boy/girl to come down, so I wasn’t sure if I had wasted my morning. I mean, sleep is good, but I can’t get into that relaxing, almost vegetative state easily.

But then it turns out they were getting ready, so I was fine. I got my cards and my presents: the rest of the Noughts and Crosses series (I did a review of the first one, which I got for an Academic Prize on Speech Day), and a Life of Pi DVD. I asked for Life of Pi, and my mum let slip about the Noughts and Crosses earlier. But then, after watching most of Life of Pi, my sister came down (she’s a heavy sleeper) and gave me her own present! Well that was an unexpected twist… it was the book Maze Runner by James Dashner. When my youngest sister was like, “That four books!”, my oldest sister shared one of the most valuable nuggets of wisdom that I will pass on to my children in those old nostalgic movies.

Gandalf's nugget of wisdom - You can never have too many books!A bit after, we set off to the cinema to watch Monster’s University (which by the way was obviously not as good as Monsters Inc., but still really good) and got into a bit of a dilemma due to parking restrictions and the like. In the end we walked from my sister’s school, which was quite a long way away and it was sweltering! Even more so on the way back, though it felt like a shorter journey.

Then we came back home and the cake, which my mum and sisters had started to make in the morning (my dad was at work), was finished with icing. Why did we make our own cake when we usually buy our birthday cakes from the shop? ‘Cos I’m allergic to egg, milk and nuts. -_- Because I don’t want to do a whole Toothpaste post on my medical conditions (yes it would deserve a whole post) I the also have asthma, eczema, and hayfever. Now that’s over with…

Everyone kept on rubbing it in my mum’s face how much creamier this icing was, which was a bit cruel. We waited for dad to get home and then we ate the cake. It was delicious, but then it’s a cake, a pure embodiment of taste and awesomeness.

It so happened that when I had just started to eat the cake, my friend George called me! He had no idea that I had also been writing this post at the time, and will now be put to public honour/ disgrace, as his friendship is revealed! This is my advance birthday present to him. ;)

Hopefully he thinks of it as public honour. And doesn’t ask me to delete this part of the post.

Then I ate Shepard’s Pie, which happens to be my favourite meal. So, you know – the overall enjoyment of a birthday comes down to the food, and I have a pleasant taste in my mouth.

Readers/ fellow bloggers/ website stumblers/ audience?/ people: *Cringe*


P.S. As a side note, this is my 40th post! And I was going to say something else, but I can’t remember…

5 thoughts on “IT’S MA’ BIRTHDAY!

  1. Awwww Happy Birthday young un! I say that because compared to me everyone is young! lol I hope it was a lovely day and continues to be so until whatever time you lay your heed on the pillow!

    • Thanks! I look forward to reading them. XD I’d say it’s about the right ratio of movies to books – because, although the movies have style, the books have class… ;)

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