When I was a young, bouncy child…

First of all, I’m not sure what to make of Peter Capraldi, but I have a good feeling. If that sentence makes no sense to you, ignore it. You are clearly not a Whovian.

Now to the main topic of my post… recently we’ve been clearing up and I found my Yr. 1 report.  I always knew I was worried all the time, but I never really knew the extent until now.

Joseph joined our class toward the end of the first term. He was initially a very timid boy who needed a lot of reassurance. He worried a great deal about getting things wrong or not doing the right thing, and we have worked hard to reassure him that it is fine to make mistakes. He is now generally more confident in his interactions with adults and peers, but he does still occasionally have episodes of extreme nervousness.
– Year One Report

OK, so maybe ‘extreme nervousness’ wasn’t underlined. But it continues…

Joseph has formed a friendship with another child in the class, and they are able to work well together.

So at least I had one friend.

This report also strikes me as having episodes of extreme wordiness. ;) Surely ‘ has formed a friendship’ could be ‘is friends with’? And ‘he does still occasionally have episodes of extreme nervousness’ could be ‘he is occasionally extremely nervous’?

Also included in the final statement was that I received ‘support to help him to overcome his anxiousness and to develop in his social skills’ and that although I had made good progress ‘we still need to be aware of how much reassurance he sometimes needs’.

So basically, I was that stereotypical awkward child. Yay for awkwardness! XD

Aside from this, I also excelled in taking pride in my own work, so I may have been a bit arrogant. I still do this a bit. -_-

The funniest bit is probably where I weighed up my own merits; according to myself, I can ‘read words’, I want to learn to ‘write about the world’, I enjoy ‘art’ and I will ‘try harder to learn maths’. Pretty standard stuff.

But then it got me thinking – I always was really awkward, wasn’t I? I think I had a brief period of being in good stead with my fellow small children in Nursery and Year 2, but I was really unpopular in primary school because of my unsociability. One of my Year 4 goals was to ‘develop my social skills’. In fact, when my friends this year were like, “Joe, now you’re just an ordinary ___ year old with his friends!”, I got kind of confused. Surely I was always an ordinary ___ year old with my friends? But supposedly not.

In other words, I may be slighty awkward now, but at least I have a decent social life! *Does victory dance*

Joe. (#awkward, #yay, #goodawkwarddays)

P.S. I am going to see the Lion King in the West End on Saturday! XD


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