A trip to the me-trip-olis

*Cringe*. But I think it was worth it.
So as you may know, I went to London to see the Lion King yesterday. It’s only an hour or two away, but we don’t go there often enough, so I wasn’t used to all the weird noises the Tube made in some occasions. I guess if you’re a commuter you get used to them, but every time there was this high-pitched screech, I got really freaked out. -_-

So when we got to London, we walked around for a bit, and then had McDonalds before we cashed in our online tickets for the proper ones, waited a while for the doors to open, and then went to see the Lion King. Obviously it was amazing. If I say that I had my doubts at the interval I’ll sound really pernickety, especially as it’s the West End. So please, don’t judge me. But then by the end I was blown away. Honest.

Rafiki was amazing. Young Simba was a tad annoying at times, but Young Nala was really good. And the stage was full of booby traps. There were loads of trapdoors where plants came out, and a spiralling staircase, and it was just designed so cleverly. And the costumes and puppets were also really spectacular. I was slightly put off that the person who played Timone was a garish green though. No idea where that idea came from.

I also got really confused at the beginning of the second part as to what that blue thing was that was slowly shrinking, though I thought it looked really pretty. Then my sisters told me it was the lake. *facepalm* Sometimes, I can be really slow at this sort of thing.

After the musical, we went to the Vigil Mass at Westminster Cathedral. It was a tad more sophisticated than my usual mass (i.e. the really big building, the cantor, three booklets) but I really enjoyed it. It was generally really peaceful. Good experience.

Then we caught the train back to Newbury Park, and spent a half hour in a family friend’s house.  Then we finally got back home at around 10:30. After eating my KFC, going for a shower and all the usual, I went to bed after midnight and woke up at 1:00 pm! So late start.

Sorry for not blogging for ages, I’ll try to catch up over the following days. I just didn’t feel in the mood. I’m also going to a Prayer Conference with my family for three days from the 24th to the 27th (I think) so no blogging then. Hope you’re all having a great summer holiday (apologies if you’re not ;)).


P.S. Three of my annoying traits came to light on the same day. I talked really loud half the time, I constantly read out the title of adverts in a blockbuster voice, and I only realised yesterday that the Thames is pronounced Tame-s, not Th-ayms. So London brings out the worst in me. :P And what do you think of the new theme? Tell me in the comments.


6 thoughts on “A trip to the me-trip-olis

  1. I much prefer the old theme, but it is really up to you! I heard that west end tickets are very expensive but you probably got a good deal somewhere :-) I’m really jealous as the lion king is meant to be one of the best west end performances there is!

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