Operation Toothpaste: Weird Thing #1

I think about the future. Wayyyyyyyy too much.

So this is a late Operation Toothpaste post since I missed one of Saturday because of this. And these are meant to be regular. But I’m here none the less, to alienate you even more than before! Yay!

The clarity of my plans for the future are kinda fuzzy up until Sixth Form – in other words, I know what A-levels I want to take, but not what GCSEs. This may seem strange, but it makes more sense if you look at it closely. Because you generally take fewer A-levels, you can only choose your favourite subjects and you don’t have to learn things you don’t really want to. My favourite subjects are pretty obvious, so it’s a no brainer which A-levels I’ll (probably) choose. Whereas with GCSEs, it’s not really a matter of ‘which are my favourite subjects’, but rather ‘which are my least favourite subjects’, the ones I want to drop. And considering I don’t really hate any particular subject with a vehemence (apart from Physical Education), it could be a hard pick.

I even go further than that. I want to go to Oxbridge at the moment (which is pretty unimaginative) and have a degree in Engineering. I actually want to be an author, but I previously wanted to be an inventor, and although I’ve gone off the idea of inventing anything since I haven’t actually had any big ideas, being able to work machines still appeals to me. Maybe I could even be an author in my spare time, but I doubt that’s really viable.

When I was younger I was even more specific. I wanted to go to Cambridge. Why? Because I had a t-shirt with the word ‘Cambridge’ on it. It also had a teddy bear, which sweetened the deal to no end. It’s a good job we don’t entrust life decisions to seven year olds.

But it goes further. Sometimes I dream of being a self-sustaining adult, but for some reason, I always focus on the whole taxes side of things. I’m sort of scared silly that one day in the future, I’ll forget to pay a car tax, or my mortgage, or some really obscure bill, because there seem to be so many types of tax. Any self-sustaining adults are probably laughing at my awkwardness and child-like naivety, but it’s true. :-? I also focus on the whole cooking and washing aspect whenever I think of owning a home, but judging from American university movies, (male) university students are generally really unhygienic and live off backed beans. Cheers America, you’ve really set the standard for dorm living. Thanks for taking the pressure off me.

Thanks She’s the Man. Thanks a lot.

But then sometimes I think about being a dad. This probably sounds really creepy, but… yeah. I told you I thought about the future too much. Sometimes I think ‘Oh, I would be a really good dad.’ but then sometimes after to listening to my dad give me advice, I wonder if I could give the same knowledge to my sons/daughters. It is kind of a terrifying thing, to have to look after and raise someone. I’m kind of terrified I’ll get it wrong. But you know, it would be nice. ;)

So if I haven’t weirded you out already, check out my next post (no joke).


P.S. My youngest sister’s birthday is in four days. Why is this not on the Countdown? I’m not entirely sure why. I didn’t forget about it (I’m not a bad brother I promise :() but I thought the Prayer Conference would affect the whole blogging schedule a bit more (I won’t be able to blog for three days), and therefore concern you a bit more. That was stupid. But, for the sake of continuity, I’m not going to change it. Apologies to youngest sister. :P


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