After 2 and a bit months, success! I now have 1000 views! This post came quite a bit after the 1000th view came and went, but oh well. Because of this, I will try and stretch an otherwise meaningless blog update to fit 1000 words! Yay for essay posts!

So first of all… the Origin Story.

Origin Story

My friend George had recently got 1000 views on his blog [insertnamehere] and the next day, feeling up to the challenge, I decided to make a blog. Isn’t that kind of poetic, that my blog was inspired by a 1000th view, and here I am reminiscing on my 1000th view? TIS THE CIRCLE OF BLOGGING!

But wait? Could it be only this? Well no. I had posted two identical posts on my two old blogs, and when I saw that they had both had pingbacks, I started to realise people could actually take the time to read if you put the effort in. And frankly, I hadn’t put the effort in. -_- So that had also put me in the mood.

I mentioned in the first ever post on this blog that one of my previous blogs had an embarrassing URL, though I didn’t link to it. The other one had embarrassing content.

I did link to these when I got the Versatile Blogger Award and was stuck for two websites, but I did it like this, so only the people who could be bothered to press the hyperlink saw my embarrassing websites. Well no longer. I’m putting them out in the open. I think it’s pretty easy to tell which one has an embarrassing URL and which has embarrassing content (i.e. lots of spelling mistakes, bad jokes, overuse of caps lock, etc.)

Here we go… gamesandotherstuff.wordpress.com/ and… wait for it… crazymadbaby.wordpress.com. I WAS YOUNG(ER). I thought it was funny… don’t cringe.

The name

The only good title I could think of was ‘Confessions of a Technophile’, but I couldn’t really shorten the URL satisfactorily. Should I go coat.wordpress.com, or coatechnophile.wordpress.com or confessionsofatechnophile.wordpress.com? I called my friend George, asked him to brainstorm… and he was stumped. So I ended up with this. ;) I eliminated the first and third options because the first was taken and the last was too long. I still don’t particularly like my URL, but you grow to like it, especially when you see it’s first four letters…

So because the title/URL came first, I started to write a technology blog, but eventually I couldn’t take sticking to a topic, and this became a general blog. In fact, I haven’t done a technology post in a while…

Has blogging changed my life?

Nope. But I have been thinking about what could make a good post a lot more. Like, as soon as I saw my Yr 1 report, my first thought was, Yep, that could be a post about my awkwardness.

Well, for those who were hoping for an essay, tough luck. This was a lot harder than I thought. But thanks to my 35 loyal minions followers, devoted likers, and hardcore refreshers. I kid, I kid. I’m not king of the blogosphere… yet.

And now, for an ad break.

Credit: beliebernancy on Tum

By the power vested in me as king of the blogosphere, I declare this day happy 1000 day!

I wish you a merry 1000 day and a happy new follower. Joe.


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