Operation Toothpaste: Birthdays!

So as my youngest sister’s birthday happened to fall on Toothpasteday (i.e. Saturday) I thought I would do a bit on my sister’s birthday, and to make the post even(ish) I would talk about birthdays in general in the life of Joe.

My youngest sister’s birthday

First the presents were opened. There was a jigsaw puzzle rubber from my oldest sister and an Addictaball, which is kind of like a 3-D ball maze. It looks like my youngest sister has some sort of affection for puzzles, but she doesn’t.

The Adictaball is said on the box to induce competitive spirit and/or tears of frustration, or something like that. Everyone’s been playing on it, and it’s been driving our competitiveness up the wall, so yeah, this is true.

But my youngest sister actually gave us presents – an activity book for each of us as well as an acrostic poem. Yeah – she’s organised.

My youngest sister was desperate to watch a film for her birthday, but the only really good films that are on at the moment are Despicable Me 2 and Monster’s University – but we’ve watched both already. So we watched All Stars. It was pretty much the classic stereotypical dance movie, which I will do my first ever movie review on! But I kind of enjoyed it, even though it was pretty predictable.

Then we went home and had cake, but for me, my little sister brought me a kind of kebab, with a strawberry, a party ring, a mini choc ring (pretty much the same as the party thing apart from it being mini and chocolate) and a Jammie Dodger. This was pretty unexpected (and also tasty). In case your wondering why I couldn’t have cake, I have a wide variety of medical conditions I touched on in the Toothpaste post two weeks ago.

So that’s pretty much my sister’s birthday.

Operation Toothpaste: Fun facts about birthdays!

  • When I was younger, I thought every cake was equivalent to a birthday for moi, so I was certain I had had a lot of birthdays.
  • But perhaps I didn’t realise that birthdays correspond with age, because I still didn’t think I was that old.
  • When I was four, I heard everyone bragging about how old they were, and I genuinely thought I was five. But then one of my nursery friends put me down. So in other words, I had an age crisis! (I think the ages are right).
  • If there is a birthday I regret, it is my eighth birthday. Me and my sister had both wanted to watch Coraline, but after the film, my sister was scared stiff and had a fear of button eyes. She ended up having to come off her top bunk because she constantly had nightmares. This makes me feel really guilty! :( She’s OK nowadays, though she still gets creeped out by button eyes. Let’s face it, Coraline should not be a PG.
  • In the past, I used to have cakes with egg, but when we found out I was allergic, we tried to make a cake without egg for my 8th birthday, and ended up with a really sunken cake. But it didn’t taste bad.
  • Then in Yr 4, we were celebrating something; everyone else got cake, and I got an apple. I broke down. My Yr 4 teacher came in the next day with this egg-free, milk-free, nut-free chocolate cake, and since then we’ve had that for my birthday every year.
  • But on everyone else’s birthday, since we can’t really buy/make two cakes, I generally just have a Jammie Dodger.
  • Apart from my second youngest sister, everyone in my family has there birthday in the second half of the year.
  • Having your birthday in the Summer holiday comes with some perks, as you never have to go to school on your birthday and there is usually a good summer movie playing in the nearby cinema.

I hope you enjoyed those facts about birthdays in my family! If you have a birthday soon, best wishes. What’s a memorable birthday for you?


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