50th post: It’s time for… Word Association!

Yesterday the family was together. We usually, being Catholics, all pray together at the end of the day, but first we just talked. My mum said the word disruption, at which point my oldest sister burst into (a) song (from Lion King 2).

Deception, disgrace…  And so it continues. This started a whole talk on Lion King, and the musical, and just lions in general, before eventually I wondered how we’d got onto lions in the first place. Which of course sprung a topic on word association, and word disassociation, before we talked about Titanic and things just became very muddled.

We finally got down to the actual prayer, and my parents asked me to read a portion from the Bible. I happened to read the story of Jonah. For those unfamiliar with it, the plot in a nutshell is it’s when a man called Jonah disobeys God, gets eaten by a large fish (probably a whale), and repents. The whale releases him, and alive, Jonah finally does what God wants him to do.

My youngest sister asked whether the whale had spat or vomited Jonah out. Which of course led onto a talk on the whale dental anatomy.

My point being, after that large and slightly long-winded introduction, is that people don’t play Word Association enough. What’s so special about kicking a ball around? Or throwing and catching? Or watching thousands of pictures play at high speed on a digital, High Definition touch screen (if you’re lucky)?

And not only is Word Association fun – it’s educational (most people run away) and it teaches you about who you are inside!

(Everyone else runs away).

Suit => Cards => Joker => Batman => Arkham Manor => Adam => Apple => Snake => Cobra => Bubbles.

From this chain alone, you can tell that a) I read my friend Adam’s blog, which is currently in hiatus, and b) I have watched many Disney films. Some of these links will therefore make no sense unless you’re me. Indeed, the chain is a see-if-you’re-like-me test. Start at the score of ten, and for every chain that doesn’t make sense to you, take away a point. Average score is 8. If you get below that, you have no common sense. Get a score of 9, and you’re either my friend George or a Disney fanatic. 10 and you’re either one of my friends apart from George, or my clone.

Probably my clone.

But there are a number of problems. For one, some chains make sense to everybody, and not everyone can be your clone. But you also get into really petty arguments, like:

Annoying person: Oh, Arkham Manor and Adam are both words and therefore related.

Me: You can’t do that.

AP: Oh fine. They both have the letter A.

Me: That doesn’t count!

AP: I don’t want to play this game any more. *Storms off*

I think the Annoying Person is the main reason people don’t play Word Association. As well as those things called games consoles. Dag nab all those fancy televisions and Xboxes!

So from now on, I’m on a mission. Please, spread the word. Associate with people you normally wouldn’t. Play with your parents, stepparents, brothers, sisters, stepbrothers, stepsisters, uncles, aunts, grandparents, grandchildren, sons and daughters! SAVE WORD ASSOCIATION.


P.S. This is also my 50th post! I got there kind of quickly. I didn’t really feel like celebrating it, because this includes my small updates and isn’t the most accurate representation of my blog. But at least this post went to a good cause.

Also tell me your Joseph Quota, or JQ, below! Please, don’t cheat and be the AP.


2 thoughts on “50th post: It’s time for… Word Association!

  1. I live with my folks, my Mum has possible dementia so I play word association every day in just trying to figure out what she is trying to tell me lol Happy 50th post by the way :)

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