Going on a break…

The family is leaving in the afternoon for the prayer conference. Though it only starts tomorrow, it’s ages away, and we need to go to our rooms and get dinner and unpack and the like.

It turns out I got the dates wrong earlier. What this means is that instead of seeing you back on Wednesday I’ll be able to post on Tuesday. Yay!

I thought I would just say what’s coming up. I have a song analysis of Skyfall, I have just found out I have been nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by Juls from The Geeky G4mer (a great blog, check it out), I’m finally going to do another technology post (you’d think I would find it a little easier to live up to my namesake), I’m going to post on all the various DIY projects that have happened over the summer, and I’m going to comment on the current climate of the financial situation in Europe that’s it.

Thanks. I’ll be back on Tuesday!



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