I’m back!

I arrived back home from the prayer conference an hour ago. Just to say I’m alive. :P

First of all, I have three pressing issues at hand: a) a missed Operation Toothpaste post, b) a post about the prayer conference and c) the Lovely Blogger Award. I’ve decided to post them in that order, because the OT post I’ve planned kind of sets the scene for the prayer conference thing, and the LB Award can hopefully wait.

Also, if I did read, like or comment your post while I was away, I was shamelessly using our 3G. Feel honoured.


P.S. As well as the Skyfall analysis, and DIY Summer, I’m thinking of doing a post called 20 things to name your pet eagle, two of them being ‘Stormbreaker’ and ‘Eagle Strike’. Thoughts? Also, which gif did you find the most amusing? :)


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