OT: Born an Indian, raised a British… person

I am like the perfect metaphorical parsnip. Brown on the outside, white on the inside. I know that parsnips are actually yellow on the outside, and white on the inside, but I don’t know, the coconut metaphor is slightly demeaning. Besides, everyone loves parsnips. ;)

Edit: I recently realised the metaphor is burnt parsnip. But that implies I was a stereotypical white person, but then suffered burns and became an Indian. :? Well that makes sense. Besides, who likes burnt parsnips? ;)

Where to start? Well first of all, I don’t like curry. I tell this to people and they’re like “But you’re Indian!” Yeah, that hadn’t escaped my notice. ;) It’s not the my parents aren’t Indian Indian; both of them were born and raised there. I’ve probably had rice more than most non-Indian people in the country, and I do have Indian dishes like idli and idiyappam, but I never really liked curry. My extensive list of allergies doesn’t exactly help me enjoy the full extent of tasty Indian food either. It crosses out a lot of the deserts.

Also, I don’t speak any sort of Indian language (no, there is not a language called Indian). This might not sound that weird, but nearly every Indian I know is bilingual. Why wasn’t I? Well my parents did speak to my oldest sister in an Indian dialect when she was a child, but by the time she got to nursery, they had to give the teacher a list of words as she hadn’t really learned English. I think that incident kind of freaked them out, so they spoke to all of us in English. My oldest sister now has no memory of this mysterious Indian dialect. In her words (roughly), ”I now have a social life, but at the expense of my mother language! How terrible.”

That was sarcastic by the way. I think because I never learned another language, I don’t have any sort of Indian accent either.

As for official dress… there’s not really any stereotypical male Indian dress code. My sisters occasionally wear saris at special events, but when they’re at the centre of attention, normally just a white dress.

My family doesn’t even watch cricket that much! My dad used to check the scores every now and then, but after my younger sister started playing tennis, one sport pushed out the other. :?

So I don’t like cricket, or curry, and I’m not bilingual. It’s the same for all of my sisters. Oh well. I’m proud to be a parsnip! :3



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