The Prayer Conference!

The journey to the prayer conference took four hours, maybe more. We had to stop off at McDonalds for a toilet break, and inevitably got a box of nuggets, meaning we were all refreshed for the rest of the journey with preservatives and salt. When we got to the place, we quickly found our room and settled in. It was sort of basic, but according to my sister, ‘cosy’. :? I didn’t get quite the same vibe.

After I had added the finishing touches to the room (i.e. plugging in my laptop) my dad, my two younger sisters and I went on a (very small) run. On the way I saw a room with loads of children in. Whenever I passed by the window, I got really scared that they could see I was avoiding them on purpose because I’m sort of that awkward, unsociable guy at the party who dances by himself (but then the only parties I’ve been to are birthdays, and this isn’t really a problem). But eventually I took the leap and went inside.

It turned out that  the ‘kids’ were mainly about 15 years old. I have no idea how I got into that one. But there were some kids who were younger, so I sat down. It turned out these were the volunteers, the people who were preparing the kid’s program. I kind of wanted to be a volunteer, as I didn’t want to be lumped into the pre-teen program again (this is code for 5+; I’m not joking, one of the adults did refer to it as the pre-teens program at one point).

My older sister, who said you have to be about 16 or over to join, said I shouldn’t go, but I decided to go to the top and ask the volunteer leader. My younger (not youngest) sister came with me. At first he said, ‘We’ll see.’, but then later he told me that me and my sister would be ‘Crew Leader Assistants’ and would help the Crew Leaders in the program with various things. I was slightly wary he was just making the job up to stop me annoying him, but I couldn’t be sure. My older sister, however, went into a separate room with some fellow volunteers, and stayed up till 4am adding the finishing touches. So maybe volunteer wasn’t the best job for me after all. :?

Before we went to the conference, my younger sisters had been worrying about the food. Did I mention that the prayer conference consisted only of Indians? They were afraid that there would be curry for three days straight. My mother told them that there would only be English food, but supposedly someone told the cooking staff, because dinner was curry and rice. I sort of picked at the best bits and went back to the room, before the family went to a praise and worship event. Most of it wasn’t in English.

And that was pretty much settling in.

In the morning, we had breakfast. It was pretty much a slimmed down version of the full breakfast, which was a massive relief. After that I had no idea what to do, but it turned out all the kids had gone into another room. When I went there, I found out that the program was something called ‘Kingdom Rock’.

Everyone was split into groups of eight. My younger sisters were in the same group as me; I think they tried to group all the sibling together. As I had anticipated, Kingdom Rock wasn’t aimed at my age group. There were loads of action songs and cheesy actions, and at times, the reasons we were doing activities like eating a bag filled with raisins, marshmallows, smarties (and possibly something else).

However, it was kind of fun when we weren’t ‘dancing’ to action songs, even if I rarely got much closer to God. There was a children’s mass every day, which was good, and occasionally I would… how to phrase it? Get the message? Become more religious? That’s how I can best describe it. Besides, some of the songs weren’t half bad. This one in particular, called Fanfare Rock, has no words and no actions and was really catchy. My sister kept on playing it in the morning. It got kind of annoying after a while.

To this day, I’m still not sure whether or not ‘Crew Leader Assistant’ was a real job. It was basically the same as everyone else, apart from that I was asked to cut up pieces of paper and the like and had about a tenth more responsibility; but my younger sister was treated the same as everyone else, so it may just have been because I was oldest in the group. Oh well. :3

I also got a bit of novel writing done. Did I say I was writing a novel? Yeah, it’s in the heavy-editing-and-adding-more-sections stage. :P

When I got home, I wallowed in that ‘back home feeling’ for a while, and went to bed. I’m still sort of getting back into the rhythm of things, but schools coming up soon. *Groans* The summer holiday is just long enough that you forget that such a place exists consciously, but short enough that it’s always in the back of your head. I laughed when I saw a ‘getting-back-to-school-diet-plan’ from Change4Life that lasted six weeks. The fact there are back-to-school shops that last a whole year is slightly worrying, although I may have got the wrong end of the stick.

Hopefully I can fit in some more posts by the first day. :?


P.S. I have recently been nominated for the Liebster Award by the amazing George from [insertnamehere], so I may merge the two blog award posts together. Hopefully it’ll work, but we’ll see. ;)


3 thoughts on “The Prayer Conference!

    • I hope that you find your feet with your novel. :) Hopefully you can write one that you can admire.

      And yes, school is one of the three things that impedes a novel’s progress, as well as sleep and cat videos. ;)

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