OT: Why school, why?

As you may have noticed, I have been very quiet since my last post of the summer holidays. Almost too quiet… I felt as if some force was holding me back. What? It was the awards? They had come alive and attacked me? Nah, nothing that drastic.

*In the background, an award twitches*

No, the force holding me back was school. And homework. I can’t say that I was full up to my head with work all the time, but there was an awful lot of homework. I even missed three OT posts in a row!

Sorry guys. But after that brief announcement…

I go to quite a small secondary school in comparison to some people. We have quite a… distinctive blazer colour. We love and hate it simultaneously; love because it’s something of a status symbol and hate because… well you know. Let’s just say… we stick out from the crowd like several hundred sore thumbs. Still, you can’t miss us easily. ;)

Anyway, the school’s amazing and I love it. In terms of popularity, I’m something of an inbetweener – I get along with pretty much everyone and I have a few close friends, but I’m not in anyway sporty and I don’t have that cool-kid-swagger-bordering-on-arrogance that you need to be a cool kid. :P Either way, this is a lot better than in primary school, where I was really unpopular, so I’m content.

I would say the school year so far, but it would take a while to write down, so instead I’ll show you the first full week (from Wed – Tue) and then add any major events that had happened since…


Settling in and stuff. We got our timetable and I was really happy with a lot of things – specifically that I had Food Tech and not Design and Technology on a Monday morning! *victory dance* I took a dislike to my math’s teacher for no apparent reason. We also had French, which was OK, but not as fun without our old French teacher, who left last year. :( Then English and Music, where we learnt we had to write a self-assessment of our musical knowledge. Yippee.


As I had suspected, our geography teacher was Mr. Really Shouty Guy from my Geography exam. As a result, I was apprehensive. But he played Brazilian music throughout the lesson and although he can still shout loud enough to give me the heebie jeebies, he’s really friendly. Then Latin, with one of the nicest teachers ever, before Art. We had the same teacher as last year. Not everyone likes him as out of our one and a half hours he always spends the first half hour talking. And talking. Then History, with Mr Nice Guy from my exams (for some reason, I didn’t write about him in last years exams post). Would he go down the same path and turn out to have a completely different personality to what I’d originally thought? Nope, he was, you guessed it, really nice. Also French. :P


First thing we had ICT, recently renamed ‘Computing’. It was OK. We did an Excel problem and then left for RSS, with another old teacher. After that we had Maths. I decided to like my maths teacher after he talked about his pet Bigfoot Mavis. Well he may have talked about it in a maths problem, and he hasn’t really mentioned it since (even though we keep bringing it up) but you can’t be picky when it comes to Bigfoots. ;) We had Citizenship and got HWK, which was sort of unfair as we weren’t meant to get any, but our form tutor is sort of military so it wouldn’t be unlike him. Latin was the last lesson of the week, which felt strange as we normally had Outdoor PE last thing in the week. But strange in a good way. :)


Filled with homework. NO SPARE TIME. WHY SO MUCH HOMEWORK?


Disappointment as I realise Food Tech starts after Christmas and I still have to make a game. Relief as I realise the teachers have no objection to us bringing in Jenga blocks and adapting them to our purposes. RSS again. And then… a mystery language. I won’t reveal it as it will probably reveal where my school is and this blog has a no stalker policy. But it was really fun!

Then English… and one and a half hours of outdoor PE. This was very strange… in a bad way. I’m used to being able to crawl into an air-conditioned car at the end of a Friday pretending to do sport properly workout and recover on the weekend. But no! I had the whole week ahead after that lesson, as well as Karate the same day. Luckily I wasn’t too exhausted, and we didn’t go outside because it was raining, so no rugby. *phew*


We had the new subjects of Chemistry and Physics (last year, we just had Science). For Chemistry we didn’t actually do any Chemistry, which was sort of annoying. Instead we talked about revision. One of our group’s ideas was ‘be a particle’, but we weren’t desperate enough to put it on the board. Physics had the same teacher as Maths, so the same sort of atmosphere. We aren’t sure whether our teacher is a Physics teacher who teaches Maths, or a Maths teacher who teaches Physics.

(Beginning of) Wednesday

We missed Biology on the first day with all the settling in, so this was our first Biology teacher. Our teacher was really nice, and slightly strange in the way he speaks. He emphasizes random words and opens his eyes really wide whenever he talks. It sounds patronising, but he’s not even doing it on purpose! Anyway, I like him. :)

Other noteworthy events

  • The game thing from DT is going OK, but we still haven’t finished it, which is odd because out of all the games, we probably had the least work to put in.
  • Our Art teacher recently revealed to us that he was previously a monk. This explains the big circle in the middle of his forehead, but we aren’t sure if he’s joking or not.
  • Outdoor Games and Karate on the same day is not as tiring as I thought it would be.
  • In my endeavour to get more people to join Quiz Club, I recruited loads of people from my year, but not any from the year below, which in hindsight was a bad idea as it doesn’t ensure the future of Quiz Club, but oh well. Some people thought it was boring, but I think it’s going swimmingly. In fact… join Quiz Club. Join Quiz Club, even if you’re too old or too cool for school (perhaps both), or too young for that matter. Join a Quiz Club near you.

That’s pretty much it. I can’t guarantee I’ll post on the weekend, because I have yet to drastically change my homework schedule so I have time. It currently entails leaving most of my homework for the weekend. The OT posts will most likely become less regular, for which I apologise. Hopefully I’ll be able to get back in the groove soon! :3



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