OT: The Queen Incident

I know I didn’t post last week like I planned to (so much for the schedule) but now it is officially HALF TERM! This is the first holiday of the term, so a welcome relief, even if it only lasts a week. This is good as it means more posts. We have also reached 2000 hits people! :) I have started to write a Bucket List, which currently has a bit more than 100 things to accomplish on there already. It’ll probably be ready by next Saturday for you to see (yes, it will be one of my *ahem* longer posts).

The Queen

As such, I thought it could be nice to talk about something that definitely would have been on my bucket list had I not already done it: meet the Queen.

Before you go hysterical, I was maybe two or three (and also Scottish, but that’s irrelevant :)) and in my memory I never saw her face… in fact I don’t even remember seeing any part of her. I remember some feet wearing fancy shoes, but I’m not even sure they were her feet. So yeah… more of an indistinct dream than a meeting. But I came within a few metres of her, so I count it as a meeting.

It wasn’t just a random thing though. Like I wasn’t walking down the road when I saw her at a burger bar. She had come to open some new nearby sports centre, so my nursery obviously got into full swing and we made all these mini Union Jack flags to wave around. Even though I don’t remember the Queen herself, I do remember waving my Union Jack around frantically as she walked down some sort of pathway. At the time my understanding of the Royal Family was somewhat confused, but I think I appreciated the occasion as much as I could at my tender age.

And that’s the story of how I kind of, sort of met the Queen.



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