OT: Perfectionism

I have a long history of (on this blog) saying things like:

  • Sorry about the lack of posts!
  • I’m sorry I posted kind of late.
  • So I haven’t posted for a week.
  • I know I should have posted this yesterday…
  • Also, sorry for not posting the bucket list yesterday…
  • (And why I should never make commitments!)

And making promises like this:

  • The OT post for today has been postponed to Sunday for this reason.

(All real life examples. Brownie points for someone who is willing to skim through my blog and see where all these phrases are from! ;) But no pressure.)

I think the moral of the story is I am super bad at sticking to a schedule, so I completely missed last week’s OT post. Sorry. :3 To make up, I’m doing one today and probably one tomorrow. I think this would be the time to make some sort of corny pun about brushing my teeth more often, but I will spare you the pain.

The reason that I didn’t post on Saturday was that I left most of my homework till then… so I got kind of bogged down.

One of the reasons I take so long on homework is that I’m a perfectionist. If I know I’m not putting in my best effort, I get kind of stressed… with myself. I’m by no means always a perfectionist: with a few pieces of homework, I have actually done it in school on the day it was due in and/or sort of rushed it. In fact, only one or two pieces of homework get ‘the perfectionist treatment’ every week. That sounds like some sort of spa day.  :D This isn’t on purpose, and it’s kind of arbritrary.

To make it worse, I am not the type of person who plans ahead and I usually leave all my homework till the weekend. The dual combo of ‘perfectionist’ and ‘last-minute person’ is a very, very bad mix. However, I find that I usually work quite well under pressure. That doesn’t mean I enjoy working under pressure, but that’s life. :P

That’s all for today folks…