OK, I know that I’m meant to be doing Book Reviews: Part 2, but I feel this is slightly more pressing.

Recently I have been having a bit of trouble with computers. I am a (self-proclaimed) technophile, and so I *obviously* like technology and am pretty good at solving problems when they come up. When my parents don’t know how to send an attachment on their phones, I am like Fix-It Felix. Although admittedly, when I smashed their phones with a hammer, I don’t think that was what they had in mind.

A phone Fix-It Felix tried to fix. It didn’t work.

Anyhow, we’re doing some programming in school with Python, so I tried to download it at home. The download went smoothly enough, but then I tried to download an extra module, called Pygame, so that I could make more interesting programs. It’s on my bucket list to program my own game, so maybe I could make one by 2014. :D We’ll see.

Anyhow, the download process for Pygame was an absolute nightmare. First I tried downloading off of the official site, but even when I had downloaded it, nothing happened. I tried to delete the software and try again. And again. I did this for about half an hour before I started looking on the internet, but none of the forums could help. I started to sink into despair. I finally worked out how to download it after 1.5-2 hours, but it was still very annoying.

This does sound kind of ungrateful, and these problems are pretty insignificant when compared to someone else’s. Even though computers can really bug me (*facepalm*) they are useful stuff.

Hopefully you can sympathise with my problems here. :P Do you also have a love/hate relationship with technology? Or even a hate/hate relationship?

Joe. :)



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