Important… things.


A week and a half ago, it was  Ash Wednesday, which marks the beginning of Lent. Lent is basically the 40 days in the lead up to Easter, where you’re meant to be generous, pray, and fast. Most people (try) to give up at least one thing to fulfil the fasting obligation. Easter, but it seems sort of lazy to me, like being a vegetarian, but only on weekdays. Even still, I suppose 40 days without chocolate would drive someone insane. ;)

I don’t really have anything I can give up, due to my raft of allergies, and even if I wanted to, my mum would expressly forbid me from becoming a vegetarian (you’re a growing boy!) so my sisters have set me the challenge of ‘bulking up’. -_- In previous years I gave up sweets (which I never eat anyway) and gaming (which I never do), so it’s better than nothing. We’ll see how it goes. If anyone is actually giving something up, feel free to discuss below!

There was also World Book Day! I assume this is celebrated internationally for obvious reasons, so hopefully I won’t need to explain.

Wait… turns out we celebrate it at a different date to everyone else. XD Us British are funny like that aren’t we? I was going to say something like, ‘what did you dress up as?’, but I guess that’s useless if you don’t live in the UK. Unfortunately our school doesn’t celebrate World Book Day, but I have fond memories of dressing up in primary school. In memory, I went as Harry Potter, Tintin and Half-Moon. One of them proba0zbly twice.

Ukraine has also been… happening. But you’ve probably heard enough of that. If I’m honest, I haven’t really been following it. My friend helpfully explained, but I’m still unsure on some points, so I don’t want to mess things up. :P

WWIII press here to start

From CGP Grey’s video, ‘How Many Countries Are There?’

It was also Pi Day yesterday – at least, it was for some people. Most people were meh about it, but as one of those weird people who likes maths, I think it’s a pretty good idea. Unfortunately, here it was 14/3, rather than 3/14, so I didn’t get to celebrate, but there’s always next year. :)

Most of these things are pretty normal. They happen every year, and will continue to happen every year – although hopefully not the Ukraine conflict. I hope that doesn’t become an annual thing.

But probably one of the most interesting things for me, because it happened to me, was that I graded in karate to brown belt with one white stripe. *victory dance*


I am now two belts from black belt. As in, the belt after the next belt is black. I therefore predict that I will be a black belt by at most 2016. This might sound pessimistic, but some people in my group have been on the belt before black for more than 2 years. Although they’re not really meant to be – it’s analogous to those 40-year olds who are living with their parents – hence the at most.

The grading was scarier than usual as this time we had two examiners. Once seemed to be superior to the other, as he took the class. The sidekick sensei (for want of a better phrase) was in my opinion scarier. At first glance, he looked like a bit of a lumberjack – the grey beard, almost bald head… until you realised he had a braided ponytail the thickness of a string! Somewhere between the hair strands in Avatar and the hair-styles in Prince of Egypt.

Most of the grading we were mucking around. We spent two hours in the changing rooms waiting for the first few belts to be graded. Though it sounds pretty boring, it was nice to get to know people better. I mean, once you’re trapped in a small enclosed space with people you haven’t really talked to before, you kind of have to be social. ;) When I actually got to it, I was terrified, even though I’ve been through it before. They only put you through if they no you’re good enough – so our club has never seen anyone fail a non-black grading. I know that should be reassuring, but you don’t want to be the one who changes that statistic. Obviously I passed, so it all ended out fine.

Umm… yeah. Sorry I haven’t been posting as much. I just haven’t had the time. :/ I had another post in the wings, but I accidentally deleted a lot, so I’ve had to start again from the middle. If I can, I’ll get it out on Sunday, but this may not be possible.

Joe. :)


10 thoughts on “Important… things.

  1. Woot! Congratz on the belt! Better not get on your bad side :P

    I’m glad you mentioned Pi Day. Seeing as my life kinda revolves around Mathematics at the moment, I get sad when people don’t understand the reference. I got my friend Pi cufflinks for his birthday and gave it to him on Pi Day. Awwww yeaaa!

    • As a self-confessed maths junkie, I confess that I didn’t realise it was Pi day until I went on the internet. :3 However in my defence, it says 14/3/14, not 3/14/14!

      And those Pi cufflinks sound great! ;) Next year, get him some Tau ones!

  2. I know I’m kinda late and all but CONGRATS ON ZE BELT!!
    And FINALLY. ANOTHER PERSON WHO ACKNOWLEDGED PI DAY!!!! I told my friends and even my mom too….and they all thought foooooood! Mother dearest even asked if I’d had pie for pud at lunch..-_-
    High five for loving maths! Alas, I must fade away now! (I’m head butting ‘Discriminant’ at the a nice thought to leave you with…so…um…think rainbows!)
    I apologise. I am a really random girl.
    *sprinkles glitter everywhere*

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