Running 4.9 kilometres

Today I ran 5k. Well… not quite. But that’s for later.

For a while now me, my sister and my dad having been going for a long run once every week. Our original plan was to do a 5k by the end of the year, but we may have to rethink that. :P We weren’t entirely sure that I could do it (ahem, asthma), so on Thursday we did a 5k run on our own. Luckily I did OK, so I was all good to go for the actual run.

When we arrived I saw loads of people I knew – mainly old teachers and various people who I’m no longer in touch with, but one or two classmates. I thought it would be really awkward, but I didn’t have much time to reflect. The organiser gave a quick talk and then we were off. My (younger) sister quickly rushed ahead.

On Thursday I paced myself quite well, but here I burned myself out on the first lap. You feel this pressure in the beginning to get ahead, so it’s almost inevitable. I was vaguely aware I was going too fast, but I kept going regardless. I have to admit, I got a bit of schadenfreude (how do you pronounce that?) from overtaking other people, so that may have contributed.

By the second lap, I was exhausted. I slowed down considerably, so the people I overtook got their own back. Eventually I settled at a pace just faster than walking. Even still, I made some progress. At the end of the third and final lap, I sprinted to the finish. Well… I didn’t really sprint – more jogged. But it sounds more poetic if you say sprint.

Unfortunately my sister, who had been ahead of me the whole time, someh0w finished a minute or so after me. We suspected something fishy happened, and we were right. Turns out I missed a bit of the course. Whoops. :P I can’t tell how much of a detour I took, because the pedometers me and my sister were wearing turned out to be pretty inaccurate. She did the whole distance and it said she’d done 3.11 kilometres. IT LIES!

On that 5 kilometre run on Thursday, guess what we were using to measure the distance? The pedometers. I guess in a way there is a silver lining, because it means I ran more than 5k on Thursday – so if I hadn’t missed that bit of the course, I still could have done it. It’s like that scene in Harry Potter where Ron does more than he’s expecting because he thinks he’s had Felix Felicis, but in reality it’s just him. :3 That’s nice isn’t it. Unfortunately I can’t find a gif for this (I am for pronouncing it ‘gif’ not ‘jif’, but it’s not really a big deal).

I will keep you updated on future events. I realise that this whole post seems in contradiction to the incredibly unsporty me that I have presented to you. Running is actually one of my better points, as it contains little hand-eye (or hand-foot) co-ordination. So fear not – I will not turn into some crazy sports-loving guy anytime soon. *shudders*

Coming soon… an in-depth look at a map. No. Seriously. It’s not even going to be an OT post. If not, something on the teaching profession. Or possibly something mathematical. I’m finding it quite hard to stick to a topic nowadays – I have tons of drafts. We’ll see which one comes first.

Joe. ;)

P.S. I suppose this fits in with my Lenten promise (bulking up) but I think it’s more ‘be healthy and exercise’. The latter is more appealing as it doesn’t include many sit-ups.


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