Palm Sundays, Bucket Lists, Inactivity and more!

To make up for my absence this will be a mutant, hybrid, and quite possibly massive post, comprising religion, my inactivity and bucket lists. And anything else I can think of.

Today was Palm Sunday, which commemorates when Jesus made his triumphal entrance into Jerusalem and everyone waved palms around. We all get our own mini-crosses (made out of palms) which are blessed so we can’t throw them away. The problem is that we now have many many crosses mislaid around the house that have been accumulated throughout the years. I suppose we could send them off to be cremated for Ash Wednesday… in our wills. :P I kid.

Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week, because in a short space of time you also have Maundy Thursday, when Jesus and his disciples had the Passover meal (i.e. the Last Supper) and Good Friday, when Jesus was brutally punished for crimes he didn’t commit in order to save the world. Hence the ‘good’. :P

On Maundy Thursday twelve people’s feet are also washed by the Priest because (as you guessed) this commemorates Jesus washing the feet of his disciples. I have eczema so I’m not going to be a foot model any time soon. I was a bit nervous at first signing up, but it’s a good step to become more confident, and… dare I say it? Sociable. Which leads onto holiday inactivity.

Holidays turn me insane. For most people they are fun, productive times in the sun or relaxing hours spent in bed. My holidays are generally less of the former and more of the latter due to my self imposed isolation. Perhaps it’s all part of my bigger unsociability? Outside of school I have very few acquaintances. I was friendly with most of my primary school classmates but I barely see them, let alone talk to them. This lack of other friends means that I have even less things to do. Hence me spending most of my time on the Internet. I know some people can happily waste away the holidays, but whenever I do such things (as I often do) I end up feeling really unfulfilled by the end of the day. Which leads us to my bucket list.

Guess what I did this time! No I did not bungee jump. Though I’ll probably do that next. I actually did something even more exhilarating. I solved a Rubik’s Cube.

In need of something to do for the Easter Holiday’s, my dad and sister decided to learn how to solve a Rubik’s Cube. I joined in and, after a number of days, I can do it! We used this series of Youtube videos by a guy called Math Meeting. I have two things to say about him. One, he can be a bit confusing at times, and he doesn’t  mention all the scenarios, so experiment a bit. And two – it’s maths America. Please.

I’ve decided not to do it again for a while because I always turn into a zombie when I try for too long. :P But do try it. Seriously.

This is all part of my new aim – to do five things on my bucket list by the end of the year. Go check it out every now and then – I’ve deleted some of them for being a bit too easy and added some new ones. By the end of the year, I hope to have also gone abroad without my parents, programmed a game and gone fishing. And another mystery one! We’ll see.


P.S. My other aims is to read 20 more books on the BBC Big Read list. This probably sounds like a mammoth task, but my tactic is that 13 of these will be by Jacqueline Wilson, whose books I can read in a day if they’re all the same length as ‘Double Act’. The main reason I’ve kept away from these books in the past is that they’re considered girly books. But you know what? They’re on the list. I was going to read them anyway. So why not now?

Also I accidentally published the post incomplete, so if you were one of the lucky few who saw it in it’s draft stage, good for you!


OT: Psychology is depressing

DISCLAIMER: Being a psychiatrist or studying psychology in any way is a perfectly good choice. This post is simply why I would go slightly crazy if I was a psychiatrist and I was interviewing… myself.

Psychology is interesting but also extremely depressing (for me). Here’s why!

I can literally drive myself crazy thinking. It is one of the reasons that if I spend too much time alone I become slightly… unhinged. Well, more unhinged than I usually am. Add to this I spend most of my alone, and you have a potential crazy person roaming your streets… except I won’t be roaming your streets. I’ll be in my room, staring at my computer. While my solidarity means I go insane, it also means that I am unlikely to rampage – so there’s no need to worry. :P

One of the reasons that I go crazy whilst alone is that I psycho-analyse myself a lot. Like I said, psychology is interesting. But eventually, I always end up in some kind of existential stupor. A typical conversation goes like this (note this doesn’t happen out loud, just in my head – what am I, crazy?).

Me: Mmm. Shepherd’s Pie.

Me (psychiatrist): But why do you like Shepherd’s Pie so much?

Me: I don’t know. Who cares?

Me (psychiatrist): You. Me.

Me: Oh yeah.

Me (psychiatrist): So why?

Me: I don’t know… it’s tasty?

Me (psychiatrist): Is that all that things mean to you? Is surface value all you think about? What about those many hours spent eating baby food as a child? Aren’t all those days and months and years important to you? Why ascribe importance to some insignificant mix of mince and mash, and none to that stolid, humble baby food? What about nutritional value? I don’t see you gawking over some lettuce. No, you’re not concerned about your health, or sentimentality – just the taste.


Me (psychiatrist): Maybe we’re looking at this the wrong way. Maybe you’re not just shallow, perhaps you’re a hypocrite too. You think lambs are cute, yes? And potatoes – you like healthy, living potatoes as much as the next man, don’t you?

Me: Well I don’t have any grudges against them.

Me (psychiatrist): And yet you devour this Shepherd’s Pie like it burned down an orphanage for some Friday night fun!

Me: Well actually there was that incident some years back-

Me (psychiatrist): I don’t want to hear it.

And so it continues until I’m like:

 Obviously I don’t cry myself to sleep over my eating habits, but you’d be surprised how trivial it gets. My conclusion: psychology is depressing. At least, for me it is. As I may have said, I think this habit came about because I want to be an author, and you have to think about character and all that stuff (pretty sure I’ve already said this, but who’s counting?). Why does my psycho-analysis always produce unflattering results? Well calling myself ‘bright, funny and friendly’ makes me sound like a narcissist. Which I may in fact be, as I spend an unhealthy portion of my time psycho-analysing myself. Huh.

Hopefully I can post a bit more now as it’s the Easter holidays. *yippee* More stuff coming soon!


P.S. Do you psycho-analyse yourself? Have long conversations in your head? Perhaps you burn down orphanages for Friday night fun? Tell me in the comments so I won’t feel lonely! Although if you have recently burned down an orphanage please hand yourself in to the police and don’t talk about it on the internet.

Also when I say that I go crazy when ‘alone’ I mean properly alone. If there is some sort of background noise of people living and doing people things (and in a family of six, there usually is) then I am a perfectly well balanced and non-crazy person. Maybe I’ve gotten so used to having lots of noise around me that when it’s silent I – oh no wait. I’m psycho-analysing again. *face palm*