What’s coming up?

So whenever I come onto my blog, I think three things.

1) Wow. I don’t have that many notifications do I? Why are all the other blogs so successful?!

2) Probably because they post more.

3) Should I post now? Nah, I’ll wait till I get my next notification. I mean, quality over quantity, right? When more people start following, and I finally get my reward for the countless hours I put into my blog then I’ll start posting again! I mean, what’s the point in posting if hardly anyone is there to read it? Besides I have all this homework/reading/exercising sitting to do!

This repeats in a vicious cycle until… the point of utter despair. This point usually happens late in the night when I have nothing left to lose and I think, “You know what? ASASDFAJDHFALJ!*£$%^&*()” Don’t laugh, it’s actually quite heartbreaking.

I ramble on about something for an hour, press publish, wait for a few minutes for the incoming stream of notifications, and only when I realise that a lot of you are actually asleep at 11:00 and can’t read with your eyes closed do I go to bed. And they wonder why I’m a night owl. -_-

This may be the reason why most of my latest posts are pretty bad compared to my earlier stuff. You see, whenever I do post, it’s because I choose quantity over quality. Whenever I don’t post, I have spent ages writing a post, so much so that it becomes sucked of its fun- then I give it up to the drafts pile and do something else. I CAN’T STRIKE A BALANCE. Add to this my tremendous skills in procrastination and you have a recipe for disaster. So today I have decided to do something drastic. Something I promised myself I wouldn’t do, because I am so, so bad at sticking to guidelines. But I have to try.

I am going to make a schedule.

Basically I’ll post on my free days: Saturday/Sunday, Tuesday/Wednesday, Friday. So three times a week. We’ll see how it goes.

Also, I’ve had a good idea for a new feature which I think will be very interesting. I can’t say when it’ll be announced, but hopefully within the next week. Stay tuned.


DISCLAIMER: The countless hours put into my blog are mainly composed of me refreshing the Stats page over and over.


10 thoughts on “What’s coming up?

  1. Schedule!!!! Tu es fortis! (You are brave)
    Good luck with the schedule!! :) :)
    I wish I was that organised. My blog is a MESS. -_-

    • You think I’m organised? Hehe. Sorry, it just kind of amuses me that you think that. I’ve been trying to convince my friends on that point but they never believe me. I’m a last minute type of guy. ;)

      This is why a schedule was a kind of ‘last resort’ thing. It’s quite sad it’s come to this point. ;) If I’m honest, I’ll probably walk away from this business thinking, “Never again, never again…” :P We’ll see how it goes. :3

      • Ohhh! Hey, if the schedule doesn’t work FEAR NOT.
        Read some Latin…erm….proverbs?
        *why am I like this*
        ENJOY ZA BLAHG!! (Decipher that and you is a genius.)

  2. Hmmm I can see where you’re coming from and I hope that your schedule helps. I’m no blogging Guru but I found that the best way to get hits was to visit and comment on other blogs particularly those which are ‘similar’ to your own. You should also tag your posts well so that they’re more ‘searchable’. Either way you can count on me to still be reading :)

    • Aw thanks! I totally agree with you about the blogging thing, the more fellow bloggers the bigger the audience! Alas, even when it comes to blogging I’m quite unsociable and I’ve settled with my own close little group of bloggers. But I will try and be a bit more active on the blogosphere. :)

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