Philosophical stuff!

In the last year, I have found myself becoming more and more philosophical. Therefore this post may be, as my friend called my last post, slightly ‘boring’. Be warned!

This will be about philosophy stuff, and is more of a rambling brain fart than anything else. It was meant to be quite a serious post, but I’m writing this as I watch Eurovision and it’s hard to be too grave. :P

When people say, “Be yourself.” it’s not really that great a piece of advice. True, stay true to your interests and the like, but it’s much harder to follow through with the way you act. For instance, the way I act with my friends is not the same way I act at home or the way I act alone. I suppose people would classify ‘being yourself’ as how you act when not around other people, but when I’m alone, I’m generally very unsociable, lazy, and a bit messy… which is generally not the side I want to present to people. :) I suppose it’s more unconsciously showcasing different sides of your personality to different people, and not even on purpose.

Recently, I have also become incredibly self-aware. Like I sometimes think (excuse the excessive cheesiness) “I am me, and I will never be anyone else.” #YOLO. Unless you believe in reincarnation. In which case #YOLOUYBIR.

You have no idea how weird that is. Let me try and express it better, so you fully appreciate it better. Because you don’t.

You may have heard of these strange things called ‘Other People’, but you will never truly know what that actually feels like. For instance, you could be in possession of an extremely rare condition called, for example, the Joseph Condition. However you will never know, because you have no idea what other people’s lives are like. Like seriously. Who’s to say that other people are just constructs of your imagination? Or actors? I am the most paranoid person in the world – ever since I saw the Truman Show, I have been constantly on the lookout for any stage lights. This isn’t really helping.

I mean why am I me, and not some Mongolian sheep herder? As far as I’m concerned, my reality could be the only one. (And they call me egocentric…) And if that is the case, then “lies, damned lies, and statistics“. I mean, even if the chance of getting hit by lightning is 1 in 3000 (seems surprisingly easy to be hit actually) there has to be at least one person that is hit to fill that statistic. Why not you?

Or perhaps over time we have become so desensitized to *living* that we don’t really realise the gravity of it… until we do. It’s like… sorry, I’m making no sense. But that’s philosophy for you. ;)

Another post tomorrow, because I missed posting on Friday. Oops. :P


P.S. The anniversary of this blog is this month! Be prepared. ;) Still haven’t decided what I’ll do yet, but I’ll do something for sure.