Unproductivity and the Great British Bake Off

After my birthday, I woke up the next day with the Birthday Blues. As in, I couldn’t get out of bed for a few hours. And since then I have been incredibly unproductive. And on the day as well. And before. Basically I am and have always been kind of lazy.

Why? Why?!

Although this summer has probably been better than last summer, when I spent every waking hour hunched over my laptop, I haven’t done anything of great significance in the first half and I’m started to get… bored.

I’ve spent most of today on my computer, but I don’t know what else to do? Whenever I make to-do lists, I just cross off the items on my list that I want to do and leave the ones I don’t want to do alone. D: I have been reading a lot more though, which is great, and editing my story after almost a year break, which is great, but mainly just watching YouTube. I need help.

So any tips for productivity would be well appreciated. :3

As a side note, Great British Bake Off started again recently. (Sorry if this is very Britain-centric, you can try and make it a game to puzzle out what I’m talking about). So many innuendoes it’s ridiculous.

Ah, the Great British Bake Off. So laid back and British. The contestants can hug and exchange pleasantries, Mel and Sue made banter, and no one batted an eyelid. Martha is my favourite by far (she’s just so friendly!) but a few are starting to get on my nerves, although I have no dislikes just yet. Unfortunately I only came in halfway through the first episode, so I missed all the Swiss rolls, but it was still very entertaining. Nothing mindblowing just yet, but I expect more technical stuff in the coming weeks.

But by far the best thing is this conversation between BBC 1 and 2. For those not in the know, BBC 2 is a much more lower-key channel in UK television that BBC 1, so when the Great British Bake Off changed channels from 2 to 1, this was huge.

Embedded image permalink

I don’t really know what exactly to post about, so this will have to suffice. :P Stay tuned!



11 thoughts on “Unproductivity and the Great British Bake Off


    See! It was that ridiculous that I needs caps lock >.<

      • And when your post popped up in my reader (and the bun ganaching pic was at the top) OH LORD
        I anticipated a great post – and it was. It made me laugh. Especially when you mentioned the innuendoes. Didn’t think you would :D
        Oh and that BBC1/BBC2 image at the end XD

  2. I think the Summer holidays are far too long; I get bored so quickly and it makes me very unproductive. I would prefer shorter holidays but more frequently! Don’t you think that would be better?

    Also yay Great British Bake Off. Such a great show; I really like Martha too! The BBC banter is hilarious!

    • I agree but if I say it in public I will be shot. :P Maybe three day weekends? I do get very bored after a while (there’s nothing to do!) but it is nice to chill. I suppose the structure works well if you’re going abroad, but not so much if you’re staying at home!

      And Martha! :D She’s so adorably nice! The Great British Banter makes the show as well! :D

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