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By now this blog has lost a lot of its readers and I’ve lost a lot of my enthusiasm for blogging. It’s been a little under nine months since my last post, which detailed my (what I then thought was huge but now I think is ridiculously tiny) Spotify music… collection? Is that the word?

I haven’t been completely inactive on WordPress since, but that was my last proper post anyway. Quite a bit has changed since then. The school year ended, I had a birthday (yay!), my laptop crashed (along with all my files as I hadn’t made a back up), my older sister went to uni, and somewhere along the line I became even more obsessed with music, to the point where I almost considered taking it as a GCSE.

I didn’t in the end, but I’m still listening to at least an album a day, so that doesn’t reflect my views on music – in fact, I decided five, six or seven months ago that I might become a music journalist, even if the pay is reportedly abysmal. My music taste has expanded a lot from primarily indie rock to everything but metal, and I don’t like all the same bands as I used to. A lot of the music I listen to now is derived from various music sites and lists (as opposed to my friends and siblings) which I’ve become unhealthily obsessed with reading. Not that that’s a bad thing per se – it all adds up to my musical knowledge. :P

I doubt I’ll do a follow up to my previous post with an updated list of my music because it would take way too long… but I would like to make this blog music-oriented. I would like to have a general update post every now and then, but I would mainly be reviewing music – mainly older albums I like, because those will be more enjoyable to review, but also new albums every now and then. I might even draw as I’m listening and upload the drawings too?

Obviously this is quite a change, and I don’t know if any of my old followers will enjoy my music posts, so maybe I’ll mix in some general posts. It’ll be good having something concrete to write about and keep me writing on schedule – I’ll try and write at least one post a week.

I don’t know if this will last, but it would probably be a good idea to try actually *reviewing* music rather than just listening to it before I decide to be a music journalist. Hopefully reviewing music will help me listen to it more deeply, develop my own opinions about music rather, and rejuvenate my writing and maybe my drawing as well. Anyhow, this should be a steep learning curve. The first few reviews will undoubtedly be meh, but have faith, I should improve… No promises though. :P

See you soon (hopefully),

Joe :)

P.S. I’m not gonna


18 thoughts on “Post yrself clean

      • Hey! Oh goodness it’s exhausting. I didn’t imagine it to be this stressful! Can’t wait until the summer it’s unreal. You?

      • It’s been good! I haven’t really been on top of homework per se, but that’s not due to the workload, more disorganisation/laziness. And I am quite tired, but that’s to do with going to sleep at midnight most of the time. :P

        But it’s been nice to meet up with everyone and get stuck in. My form is really good this year too, so I’m happy. Hope the year will pick up for you! :)

      • (This is my new blog title so Z now is BP)
        LOOOL EXAMS.
        Literally once I received results I was like lelel Year 11 was okay in the end. Like towards the end I kind of went wahey and winged a few things and did a spot of cramming here and there and whoop secondary school is over! Sad but dis is real life.
        Oh my wow I hope you see this comment! How’s you?
        I’m literally bricking it for sixth form. I’m going for the “chic, mature look” and aiming for decent grades throughout the year but inside I’m like “Mommy don’t leave me!”

      • HEY I wasn’t actually expecting you to read the comment at all as you deleted your old blog so yay. I will follow your new blog but I can’t promise I’ll see many of your posts as I’m not really active on WordPress anymore

        Glad your results were good and I’m sure sixth form will be fine :) I’ve just started year 11 btw it’s good so far

  1. Lol I’m not that active either!
    I’m just not into much anymore – basically school takes over.
    You will BOSS year 11. But Greek is a little so and so….dammit. BUT I’LL TAKE THE A I WILL.
    Omg how is life.
    School starts in a matter of hours waaaaaaah.

      • Sixth form was VERY intense. I’ve got bags (literally) of textbooks and homework and a very bruised ego XD jokes. I know I suck! But hey. Onwards and upwards.
        You droppe Greek? But…but WHY?!!!
        I mean now that I’ve done the GCSE I can see why but like, cramming works kinda XD

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