Again, I struggle to start a one-way conversation.

Hello. I’m Joe. I’ve done multiple blogs before, but none of them have been successful. This is my attempt to stay at it. Excuse me if I get all excited when if I get more than ten followers or something like that. :)

Confessions of a Technophile is partly a technology blog, but not a hard core, spec-sheets sort of blog. If anything, I am a software kind of guy. I don’t have contacts in the business or whatever, and I hope this blog is as down to earth as possible. This is a technology blog… but from the normal person’s point of view. The point of view of ‘an average Joe’ you could say (that was irresistible).

However, as well as being a technology blog, it is also where I just post… anything. Everything. What comes to my head. These posts are generally more common that the technology ones, so is suppose Confessions of a Technophile doesn’t really sum it up well enough… More, Confessions of an Everythingphile. Now that would have been a good name… too late to change now! ;) I will also try my hand at books, rants and just posts on what has been going on around the world… Maybe even politics?

NO. Not politics. Not unless I’m desperate. Or it would make an interesting post. Or I could make it sound interesting. Or if it would interest you, but not me. Or if I’m desperate to make an interesting post that would both sound interesting and interest you.

And on that confusing note… I hope you enjoy the blog!


Tech Battles

Tech Battles are when I pit two machines against each other (or one machine against it’s classic non-technological counterpart). This generally makes for some interesting debate… although my views can be biased. These aren’t regular, but I try and do one every now and then.

Operation Toothpaste

This is (so far) my only regular feature. In every Operation Toothpaste post, I talk about one aspect of my life. These can be really random… which make them all the more fun to write. These are kind of cumulative, so it works best if you view them in order, but they can be stand-alone. If you do want to read them in order, just search toothpaste into the search bar.

Again, thanks for reading! That sounds really cheesy…


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