Bucket List

Bucket List

  • Get good GCSE Grades.
  • Get good AS and A2 Level grades.
  • Get a University degree.
  • Get Grade 8 piano.
  • Read the Bible cover to cover.
  • Go on a pilgrimage.
  • Meet the Pope.
  • Go to Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Orlando.
  • Host a movie marathon.
  • Publish my novel. Added 14/03/14
  • Finish a novel series and publish it.
  • Do some sort of adrenaline thing (e.g. bungee jumping, falling out of a helicopter with a parachute, climbing a mountain).
  • Grow out of my allergies and travel the world binging on milk chocolate, seven-tier wedding cakes and all the other lovely food I’ve missed out on over the years.
  • Read all the books on the Big Read BBC list.
  • Learn to drive a car.
  • Marry a girl and become a family man.
  • Be in a flash mob.
  • See a lunar or solar eclipse (added 01/01/14).
  • Meet a celebrity I appreciate, not for example Peter Andre (e.g. Brian Cox, J.K. Rowling) and talk with him/her.
  • Get 100 followers on my blog. Completed July 2014
  • Get 500 followers on my blog
  • Get 1000 followers on my blog.
  • Get Freshly Pressed.
  • Go to every continent in the world.
  • Go on sabbatical and live in another country for at least three months.
  • Live in a house of my own and pay the mortgage every month.
  • Run the marathon.
  • Watch a show live with a visible audience that will eventually end up on TV (e.g. Live at the Apollo).
  • Sing karaoke.
  • Watch a tennis match with my family at Wimbledon (if God wills it, I’ll watching my sister, who wants to be a tennis player).
  • Go to my own reunion party.
  • Make an invention.
  • Be in a film (probably as an extra).
  • Go to a gym (the horror!). Completed 26/12/13.
  • Be best man at a wedding.
  • Go on a boat cruise.
  • Go abroad without my family for more than two days. Completed 5/7/14
  • Go abroad with less than three friends (or none, but preferably at least one) for more than two days.
  • Go to a real-life auction and buy something.
  • Vote in an election.
  • Swim 10 km.
  • Go to the Olympics or Paralympics.
  • Watch an opening ceremony of a big event.
  • Go to New York.
  • Go to New York Zoo.
  • Go to the Empire State Building.
  • See the Statue of Liberty.
  • Go to a book signing.
  • See something being filmed that doesn’t have a visible audience when aired on TV (e.g. hundredth anniversary of Doctor Who).
  • Go the Louvre Gallery, France.
  • Solve a Rubik’s Cube. Completed 28/03/14.
  • Go to Disney World, Florida.
  • Go to Tokyo.
  • Go camping.
  • Go fishing.
  • Go surfing.
  • Draw or paint something that has been commissioned and sell it on eBay.
  • Make a time capsule.
  • Write a message in a bottle and throw it into the sea.
  • Write a diary for a year.
  • Get a pet.
  • Sponsor an endangered animal.
  • Sponsor a child.
  • Become a blood donor.
  • Go to Vatican City.
  • Make a will (yes, the pessimism).
  • Swim the English Channel.
  • Go trick or treating (meh, not so sure about this one).
  • Carve a pumpkin by myself (as in, not my dad doing it).
  • Go carol singing before it’s too late.
  • Go to a proper concert of my own will.
  • Animate something and upload it to Youtube.
  • Get a six pack?!
  • Become a black belt in Karate.
  • Go to an official Karate competition. Completed July 2014.
  • Win an official sports game not in school (team or otherwise).
  • Go to a fair and win the grand prize.
  • Win a writing competition.
  • Go on a bus alone.
  • Program a computer game.
  • Go on the Tube alone.
  • Win a game of chess against the computer.
  • Start making a scrapbook.
  • Beat a Guiness World Record.
  • Go on a diet.
  • Go birdwatching.
  • Go stargazing.
  • Send something to a magazine.
  • Write a letter to the Prime Minister.
  • Write a letter or postcard to someone.
  • Try and get into MENSA (who knows?).
  • Go white-water rafting.
  • Go to Death Valley.
  • Go to Platform 9 and 3/4.
  • Go to Washington, D.C. and see the White House.
  • Go to Yellowstone National Park.
  • Go to Athens and see the Parthenon.
  • Go to Venice.
  • See the Giant’s Causeway in Ireland
  • Go to Rome.
  • Go to the Great Pyramids in Giza.
  • Go to the Taj Mahal.
  • Go to Stonehenge.
  • Go the Great Wall of China.
  • Go to Madame Tussauds.
  • Go to Hollywood.
  • Float in the Red Sea.
  • See a show at Broadway.
  • Go to Spain.
  • Go to the Amazon.
  • Go to Niagara Falls.
  • See Notre Dame.
  • See the Forbidden City.
  • Go to Pompeii.
  • Grow a moustache.
  • Live a fulfilling life.

Deleted from the list

  • Re-read the Harry Potter books. Deleted, 09/02/14
  • Host a Harry Potter movie marathon. Altered, 09/02/14
  • Make a list of movies to watch. Deleted, 09/02/14
  • Make a list of books to read. Deleted, 09/02/14
  • Join a social media site (I don’t know about WordPress). Deleted 14/03/14
  • Upload a vine. Deleted 21/08/14
  • Get re-blogged (please don’t reblog this post just so I can cross something off the list). Deleted 27/09/14
  • Do a sponsored silence for an entire day. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Host a proper party. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Attend a surprise party for me. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Take a car ride into another country. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Vote in a phone vote (e.g. on X Factor). Deleted 27/09/14
  • Watch a horror film. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Fly in Business and First Class. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Sleep the whole way on a plane journey. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Participate in a Secret Santa. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Read a book before it is published (not illegally) and review it. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Win a raffle. Deleted 27/09/14
  • Upload a Youtube video. Deleted 27/09/14

These were deleted for a number of reasons. Most of them were deleted because they were too easy – there’s not really any sense of achievement in ‘joining a social network other than WordPress’. If I had ticked them off, it would have been achievement for the sake of achievment.

Others, like the Harry Potter related ones, were deleted because they didn’t really seem like *me*. While I tried to convince myself for a while that I loved Harry Potter, this is not really the case.

However I’m still keeping them where they can be seen as I think it’s important to show how I’ve grown as a person. :)

Be sure to check back every now and then, as this list will grow and shrink over time. If you want to see the original blog post that this list appeared on, see here.


7 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. I can’t believe I never noticed this till now! I really like your list- some of my favourites are ‘grow a moustache’ and ‘be a best man at a wedding’ :)

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