Book reviews: Part 1

It’s been a while since I wrote a book review. They were meant to become a regular thing, but they didn’t really turn out that way…. to make up for it, I’m going to do six reviews at once! I know right? It’s because I recently read a shed-load of books (most of them have been finished, others abandoned midway). I don’t really want to clog up your reader with book reviews, so I thought I’d split it into two parts. This is Part 1…

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Choosing my birthday presents…

It is now less till a week to my birthday. This is shown by the widget over to the right of the screen, which you should be eagerly watching. If you haven’t put it in your diary, shame. Shame on you. ;) Just kidding. But please, check in on August 1.

One of the more arduous tasks of having a birthday is choosing your presents. This is easy enough if you genuinely want something with all your heart. Like happiness. Or true love. Or snow. But there don’t appear to be any shops in the United Kingdom that sell these things, and who knows how these presents could be wrapped, so people generally ask for more material things.
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Noughts and Crosses Review (not the game)

First up: I moved back into my room today. Yay!

Why did you move out? I hear cry. Construction? New sibling? You were on holiday?

Well no, not exactly… I had been tidying out my two big boxes of paper. Perhaps you don’t understand the significance of this. Everything goes into these boxes… As usual, I sorted the content into piles, got bored, and just left the piles lying around. The clincher is that one of them was on my chair, and with no chair, I couldn’t write in my room… so I went downstairs. My laptop had already been brought down so I followed it.

Blogging downstairs hasn’t been a problem, but editing my story has. I’ve realised that I hate editing, and even more downstairs, where it’s either too noisy or too hot… all the time. Hopefully, now I’ve got back into my room, I can crack down.

And on that note…

It’s time for my review of the book Noughts and Crosses, by Malorie Blackman! Not the game. Nope. You’re thinking of the game. Stop. This is a depressing, dystopian, novel. Not a children’s game.

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