Hello Again

Today it is a month till Christmas and months since I last posted. Sorry! D: I don’t really have a very good excuse. I suppose school has played a part… but also just plain laziness and bad time management; often I could have blogged but just didn’t.

Rest assured no major tragedies have occurred. All my family members are in working order and school, while being school, is not too strenuous.

Since I last blogged:

  • School started and there was the usual shake-up of forms and teachers. While I was separated from some of my friends, I think I got a pretty good bunch this year.
  • Doctor Who started and ended. (Missy is so fine.)
  • I got a Twitter account. I’m pretty sure that, so far, all of my followers are either a) friends or b) people who ‘follow for a follow’, but I’ll just say they genuinely like my tweets. :P
  • I got Spotify… And may have gotten every so slightly addicted. More on this later! Or not. We’ll see. :P
  • Oh, I also did my Grade 4 Piano exam in that scary church I mentioned back when talking about my Grade 1 exam. But the examiner was really nice, so it was actually OK (although my sightreading wasn’t great).

This post is painfully short to me, but I’m just gonna go ahead and publish it because I’m tired (I swear at least 50% of my posts have been published after 22:30, and I’m not sure it’s healthy). I think the important thing is to keep posting. :)



Doctor Who!

This will be a quickie, as the 50th anniversary episode of Dr. Who is airing in minutes. *shudders in happiness* You can probably tell that if you don’t watch Dr. Who, you probably won’t like this post.

The OT post for today has been postponed to Sunday for this reason. This may seem silly to some of you. Why on earth would I cancel something because of a show? Just because. Seriously guys, this is important.

Very few people I know watch Dr. Who, which saddens me slightly. A lot of them abandoned it after Matt Smith joined (because let’s face it, David Tennant was better). I couldn’t really go the cinema with a friend for this reason, because I literally only know one other person who likes Dr. Who (in school at least). To be fair, I would have looked out of place among the swathes of Cybermen suits and Matt Smith impersonators. I wouldn’t properly appreciate the 3-D anyway.

Now let’s get down to business… This is extremely special. It’s just asdfas;dlgsfhasgl!

See you tomorrow! :)

Joe. Aogih wdagaualiufg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!