Tech Battle: Writing vs Typing

So this is going to be pretty biased. ;) I’m not sure if you get this feeling, but I know in advance that typing is going to win this battle. Probably. Who knows? Maybe by the time I’ve put down the pros and cons of each I’ll have changed my mind?

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New layout!

So do you like what I’ve done with the blog? Or do you prefer how it was? Unlike wallpapering, the magic of the internet allows me to change it back. I posted this literally just after the last post, so it’s quite short (sorry!)


So I admit.

I chose Confessions of a Technophile as it was the only good blog title I could think of.

It feels wrong to write just about technology, when I want to blog about other things as well. I know it’s a bit late, but I need to stay true to my heart. That’s cheesy. And it probably made you cringe.

The only problem is if I change the blog title, I might have to change the URL. Otherwise it won’t make much sense. I don’t like it much anyway, but it’s a bit of a hassle. I would redirect this URL to my new one, but apparently, you have to pay for this, which I’m not that serious a blogger to do. :/
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