Hello Again

Today it is a month till Christmas and months since I last posted. Sorry! D: I don’t really have a very good excuse. I suppose school has played a part… but also just plain laziness and bad time management; often I could have blogged but just didn’t.

Rest assured no major tragedies have occurred. All my family members are in working order and school, while being school, is not too strenuous.

Since I last blogged:

  • School started and there was the usual shake-up of forms and teachers. While I was separated from some of my friends, I think I got a pretty good bunch this year.
  • Doctor Who started and ended. (Missy is so fine.)
  • I got a Twitter account. I’m pretty sure that, so far, all of my followers are either a) friends or b) people who ‘follow for a follow’, but I’ll just say they genuinely like my tweets. :P
  • I got Spotify… And may have gotten every so slightly addicted. More on this later! Or not. We’ll see. :P
  • Oh, I also did my Grade 4 Piano exam in that scary church I mentioned back when talking about my Grade 1 exam. But the examiner was really nice, so it was actually OK (although my sightreading wasn’t great).

This post is painfully short to me, but I’m just gonna go ahead and publish it because I’m tired (I swear at least 50% of my posts have been published after 22:30, and I’m not sure it’s healthy). I think the important thing is to keep posting. :)



I Know What You Did Last Wednesday…

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet. I meant to post a lot more now that it’s the Christmas holidays, but it didn’t exactly work out that way… :P I have finally decided that the OT posts should be whenever I feel like them, because my move to Sunday kind of failed, so today, as I don’t feel like an OT post, I will blog about my Christmas!

On Christmas Eve, my family and I went to our local church for the first mass of Christmas (which was not quite the Vigil mass, but it still counted as going to Church on Christmas). The church was packed so I was near the back, and as a result, I didn’t really hear much of the priest’s sermon, but he basically drew parallels between the Christmas story… and the song ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’. I won’t go into the details, but it was quite an entertaining comparison.

When I went to bed, it didn’t quite feel like Christmas Eve… perhaps because there was no snow. Anyhow, as soon as I woke up the next day, it was Christmas! I rushed downstairs to open my presents. I have to confess that I didn’t particularly want anything this year, so I only asked my parents Santa for my presents on the 17th. I was kind of doubtful that the letter would arrive at the North Pole on time, but luckily they were all there under the tree: a few books and a DVD of Wreck-It Ralph (a very good movie by the way). I texted all my friends ‘Merry Christmas’ in the morning (young people these days… ;)) and then we were in the car to visit our cousins. (From now on, if I suddenly switch from saying ‘I’ to ‘we’ then I’m talking about my family, and vice versa, sorry if this is a bit jarring).

This Christmas was probably the most Christmas-like Christmas I’ve ever had. Although we do normally visit relatives on Christmas, sometimes relatives abroad, this was our first proper extended family Christmas. I know when most people say that their family is coming round for Christmas, they mean their grandparents and a few uncles and aunts, but keep in mind that I’m Indian, so there were also second cousins and third cousins, a lot of whom I have never seen before… luckily things weren’t too awkward.

We basically had a proper Christmas meal at lunchtime, and then a small meal for dinner. My cousin and I were in charge of the games, so we set up a treasure hunt for the younger kids, as well as a game of Christmas Charades, which is basically charades with Christmas-related items. Eventually this became regular Charades, and the game descended into (festive) madness as people were made to act out ‘Whoopee cushion’ and ‘ballerina’. But it was all in jest. Meanwhile the adults all went crazy on the karaoke machine.

Boxing day morning was spent playing Monopoly and doing puzzles, but I made up for my inactiveness in the afternoon… and I finally ticked off my first bucket list item.

Try and guess. (Please.) Did I solve a Rubix cube? Watch a horror film? Or maybe I grew a moustache?

In fact, the very first thing I crossed off my bucket list was probably the last thing I thought I would accomplish: I went to a gym. Let me say that again. I went to a gym. I am pretty skinny and supremely non-sporty, so much so that on my bucket list I didn’t write:

  • Go to a gym.

I wrote:

  • Go to a gym (the horror!).

But on Boxing day, we went to the local sports centre. It was mainly to play tennis, but I am not the best, so when I was told there was a gym, I thought, ‘New experiences! Yeah!’. I only realised later it was on my bucket list, so I might not have gone.

Surprisingly, it was quite fun. I went on the treadmill, the rowing machine, the exercise bike, and something I don’t know the name of. I’m quite proud of myself, but when you only lose around 75 calories in all and then you go home afterwards to eat a 500 calorie dinner, it does seem a bit of a waste…

I will post on New Year’s Eve if I can with some (but not all) of my New Year’s Resolutions! In the New Year, I’ll try and tick off five items from my bucket list minimum. In progress is ‘Re-read the Harry Potter books’ (I am in the middle of Philosopher’s Stone), so I have a goalpost for now.

If I don’t post, hope you all have a great New Year!


A bit of a catch-up post.

Since I haven’t posted for a week, I thought now would be a good time to post my general musings and anecdotes so you could catch up. In no particular order…

  • My life would make a pretty entertaining book. It would be a bit of a weird book, and nothing really exciting would happen… so I’m not really sure why I think this. It may be because real-life dialogue is the best type of dialogue (for instance, once I asked a friend, “Do you think in the future we’ll all use text speak?” and he replied with “Soz?”) or because there would be lots of three dimensional characters (but then that’s kind of obvious). Also because in the last year, the number of my embarrassing stories has trebled. I’m not joking. In the last two years, I have had more embarrassing stories than in the rest of my life.
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