OT: Why school, why?

As you may have noticed, I have been very quiet since my last post of the summer holidays. Almost too quiet… I felt as if some force was holding me back. What? It was the awards? They had come alive and attacked me? Nah, nothing that drastic.

*In the background, an award twitches*

No, the force holding me back was school. And homework. I can’t say that I was full up to my head with work all the time, but there was an awful lot of homework. I even missed three OT posts in a row!

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France (the actual trip!)

Lovely anonymous French town…

So we went to France. I won’t tell you where exactly, but if you can be bothered, work it out from the pic.

So what happened on the journey (if you haven’t read the previous post, click the link)? Ah yes… a feud that has yet to be resolved (still time to vote people!) , a banana split, and not very souveniry souvenirs.

And the Harlem Shake. But that’s irrelevant.

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